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The Rest Stop

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This is about a memory I have about a chance encounter on a road trip I was making when I was 18. I was returning from visiting some friends of mine in Pennsylvania and heading home on the interstate highway. I had been drinking some coke to help keep awake and decided I needed to stop to take a pee. I spotted a rest area approaching and decided to turn in and use the men's room. I was always a little bit interested in checking out the guys in the men's rooms sort of hoping that I might get a peek at some guy flashing his dick. I had read stories about what could happen in those places and even had a gay porn magazine that showed in detail what in my mind was possible. I knew I was gay but still, I was always careful and never let anyone know it. It had been several years since the carefree years of my early teenage life when I had jack-off buddies in the neighborhood. Yet, I still was always sort of hoping that maybe something might happen if only the right opportunity came along but I also knew I would never make the first move.

When I walked in to the men's room, I noticed that all the urinals were in use and decided to use one of the stalls. It was the one on the far end and I sat down to take my pee. As I was letting it flow, I looked over at the partition between me and the next stall and their to my great surprise was a hole about three inches in diameter that would give me a clear view of the person sitting next to me. I leaned forward a tiny bit and peeked through. Sure enough there was a guy sitting there and I could not believe my eyes as I saw he was stroking his dick. It was not too hard which surprised me because I was getting a raging hard-on already just seeing this guy. I watched him for about two minute when I saw that he was leaning forward to get a look in my direction. My heart was pounding as I realized that he could see my dick. There was something about having a complete stranger looking at my naked body that really turned me on.

I decided I would give him a little show and I put my hand around my dick and slowly began stroking it. Besides, it felt wonderful. It was a turn on to know he was watching and soon I saw he was hard too. I loved the idea of being watched and I sort of slouched back giving him a good view of my dick and balls. As I stroked a little faster, it was obvious that I was getting very excited and the feeling in my loins told me I would be shooting a load if I continued. I slowed up the stroking a bit to enjoy the moment and tried to decide if I would shoot it for him to see or not. I took myself right to the edge producing a lot of pre-cum that ran down all over my dick increasing the pleasure. I gave my dick a good squeeze to coax out even more of that precious fluid for the eyes of my secret admirer. I had a feeling that he was older and likely very turned on with my young body. I couldn't believe what a turn on this was and I continued to edge for a few minutes giving my new friend a really good show. However, I guess I got a little scared and decided that I had gone far enough and pulled up my pants and quickly left the stall. As I walked away, I turned around to see if my secret jack-off friend would be exiting too. Sure enough, his door swung open and out walked an older guy maybe 45 years old or so. For an instant, our eyes met and I knew he could tell I was the guy that had been stroking while he watched. I quickly left the rest room and walked toward my car. I had a sense he was behind me and waiting for me to lead him to a place where maybe we could do more. My mind quickly ran through the options but fear took over and I got in my car and drove off.

As I was driving down the road, I kept thinking about what had happened and my stiff dick confirmed just how exciting it was. I began to regret not talking to the guy or at least not shooting my cum for him. I was still all flushed and decided I would check out more of the rest stops on the way home. I think I stopped at three more that evening but none of them had adjoining stalls with a peek hole. When I got home, I quickly got on my back and pulled down my pants to start jacking off. I replayed the experience I had and imagined my unknown friend watching me as I worked my dick for my pleasure and for his. Soon I had one of the best orgasms I think I ever had blasting several streams of cum from my throbbing dick. I have often relived that time when I jerk-off remembering what it was like to have another man watch me but I never again found a rest stop setup to allow me to give a show.



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