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I have started reading many of the posts here, after I was showed one that pertained to something I was very familiar with. I always see the occasional post about some guy or another that visited a 'massage parlor' and getting serviced by some Asian or oriental woman.

So after reading some of the more silly ones, I decided to give you the other side so to speak. First we are/were not all little fragile, soft spoken, shy, introverted, broken 'engrishy' speaking, sluts that many would make us out to be. After marrying, I completed my degree in the US. Many of us started in Asian countries and then found jobs in the US or other western countries doing something that comes pretty natural; making a man feel good.

Next there is the male fixation on 'cock' size. This is incredible for many of you, especially on this site. For the adult male you are doing your next generation no service by making them all believe that they need to have an 'eight and a half inch' cock to be of any value to women. The average cock size is just that an average. The average is not an 'eight and a half inch' cock. The average size of all the men I had seen ran between four and a half and six and a half inches. The penis or cock size less than and longer than this range, are both very unusual for the most part.

I have seen hundreds of penis/cocks, soft, flaccid, erect, what have you. The difference between most is fractions of inches. It is unnoticeable in most cases unless you stood a really 'hung' guy next to a more modest guy. If you stood either next to an 'average' cock the difference between them is irrelevant from my point. Race is just a very minor difference, with Asian guys being a little smaller than Caucasians, and Caucasians being slightly smaller than Black men as a whole. I have seen bigger sizes in both the Caucasian and Black men, with bigger Asian guys falling closer to the average size of both the other races. The majority of smaller cocks I saw did belong to Asian men. The majority of bigger cocks I saw belong to Black men.

I had seen perhaps less than 10 guys with cocks longer than approximately eight inches in length, in the four or five years I worked. The biggest was a black guy who joking around I measured his cock with a tape, he was slightly more than 11 inch (most times I could tell by using my hands how big they were). While his size was amazing, his erection was not very rigid. Also the size of the guy's overall body can add to perception of his cock size. An example is my husband he is a shorter guy but his cock looks big, even though he is around 6' erect. If he was taller he would appear much more modest. From my point I have had sex with the extremes of both ends, and found that all could be satisfying if the guy knew what he was doing.

For most of us working was just that work. There is nothing exciting after you get over the initial period where you become accustomed to seeing men nude. I imagine it is like being a doctor or nurse. We are all human and sometime we all take the second glance. There were guys, including the one I married that I met and dated outside of work.

Typically after the guy decided what he wanted (we almost always convinced them to go for the full package), we would bring the guy in and have him strip down. I would usually wear a bikini under a smock or wear shorts. After the guy finished taking off his clothes, I would then get out of my smock and wearing just the bikini or bikini top and shorts I would scrub him down. Usually this was the point to break the ice and let the guy know without words that you were not afraid of his cock. After rinsing him off I would put him in a steamer or straight on the table at his choice. If he went to the steamer I would rinse him down one more time.

Starting by laying the guy on his stomach and draping the towel over his butt, I would start to massage the body. There are about four to five points on any persons back and front that generally would stimulate an erection or cause a woman to be aroused. Most guys was on the small of the back, inside upper thigh and the butt. When massaging his butt, I would usually pull off the towel and go high inside his thighs. If his cock was lying flat I would usually check to see if he was getting hard yet. I would very lightly brush his scrotum. I would keep his towel off and tell him to roll over. When he did I would very light brush his cock, when replacing the towel on his front.

By the time I usually started hitting the thighs or abdomen; most guys would have an extreme hard-on pushing up the towel. As I finished his abdomen, leaning over and brushing his face with my breast, I would start to massage him through the towel. I would then remove the towel and start to lightly stroke his cock. I would then lean over and ask him for a 'tip' and I would make him feel better or finish him. Usually if the guy would tip big I would try to give him a very good experience and get him off twice. If he was just paying, the unspoken norm I would give him one really good orgasm.

After the guy paid his 'tip' I would lower the lights in the room or cover his eyes with a towel, and start to massage baby or mineral oil on his cock. If the guy tipped well, I would let his hand wander around my ass or if I was horny I would let him finger me (my future husband was the first I let do this). If he was aggressive or acted like a jerk, there was no way he would go beyond touching my leg or back.

The hand job itself was usually the easiest part, most times. The best technique I found was to hold the base of the guys cock with one hand, and twist and stroke with the other. If a guys cock had a bend upwards, usually pulling or pointing it downwards added to his pleasure. I usually had to be more careful and use more oil with guys that were cut or circumcised. Also younger guys that were not cut usually had very sensitive glans or cock head. Guys with bigger cocks I would try to use both hands at the same time. When stroking the guys cock, I would always tell them how 'big' or 'strong' their cocks were. If a guy was smaller I would always say he was so hard or how powerful he was, if a guy was average or bigger I would always compliment his size or thickness. When I would feel the guy beginning to 'tense' I would usually point his cock at his stomach to make cleaning up easy. Some girls I knew used their legs, feet or behind their knee to masturbate the man.

If a guy did tip good usually when I was cleaning him up, I would get him hard again for the second orgasm, which they were usually much slower with. If the guy looked like he was taking long, I would sometimes expose my tits or show him my pussy, this would usually put them over the edge. Most times the guy almost could not walk after the second orgasm, he was so relaxed.

I hope that everyone has a better understanding of how the process worked, from the other side of the table.



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