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The Rest of the Story

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I've been masturbating as long as I can remember. I currently masturbate almost everyday, but I often think of and remember what it was like when I was little.

I can remember when I was three or four, I would be masturbating 24/7 whenever I was alone. If someone were to walk in on me, I would stop immediately and hope nobody saw me.

I would masturbate using all kinds of methods based on the position I was in. I could masturbate by rubbing, sliding, tugging, squeezing, rocking, and other ways too. I didn't understand what masturbation was, nor knew a word for my activity. All I knew was that I was to do this by myself, and I wouldn't want someone to see me.

I developed quite a routine, even before I was in kindergarten. I would masturbate in bed each night before I fell asleep. I would also masturbate whenever I was having a bath. I had different techniques to use based on my position and what I was doing.

So this was a daily routine for me. I didn't cum at this age, the first time I cummed I was probably twelve, and didn't know what it was either and it came on as a surprise. All I knew after I started cumming was that it was always going to be messy like that from then on. It wasn't until I was sixteen years old that I actually knew what that secret activity of mine was called, and when I finally learned what an erection was, and what cum and orgasms were.

But today I constantly remember what it was like when I was a child. I think of my routine, I think of my methods that I used back then, and I always wonder, well how did it all start. I remember I was doing it when I was three or four, but I can't remember prior to that. I don't remember how I discovered masturbation. How did I discover it? How did I develop such a routine when I was younger?

I didn't want to talk about it, but one day I had to. I just had to know the rest of the story. I found out things aren't as they have seemed when I was young and innocent. My masturbation history began much before I can even remember.

To help me find out how I might have innocently discovered this, I asked my mom who gave me good insight, I just find it hard to believe.

Apparently, the first time I was seen masturbating was soon as I was born. I came out of my mom's womb with an erection, and I had one of my small hands wrapped around my tiny erect penis. My parents took note of my activity at that time, but left it ignored at that moment. I was given a few minutes to continue to hold my penis when I was born before the doctors had to do other things. Apparently when they tried to dress me, and make my hand move away, I started crying, but soon fell asleep as all babies spend most of their time doing when they are little.

My mom said that as I was getting older, whenever she was changing my diaper my hand would instantly gravitate to my penis. Sometimes she would pull it away, and I would cry, or she would let me continue for a few minutes. After I was out of diapers, my penis was much easier to get at and I was always tugging at it whereever I was my mom told me. She shared how I was doing it so obsessively that it got her and my dad all worried for me as well as embarressed, yet feeling powerless to make me stop. They both remembered how I was born doing it, and didn't think I would ever stop too easily.

They sent me to my room to do this now, whenever they caught me doing it in our house. Apparently after a while, I stopped masturbating in front of them and always when I was by myself.

I do not remember any of that, being sent to my room to masturbate. But I suppose it worked. My assumption is that the first time I can remember masturbating must have been after this stuff had already happened, I have no memory doing it in front of people, but only of doing it lots and stopping if someone were to see me.

I don't know, somehow I think it's rather interesting and kewl that I was born masturbating, and finding out the rest of the story for me has been really interesting, and I feel that I'm actually privileged to have had it that way. Why should such a fun thing in life go to waste and be discovered later on in life? I feel glad that I could do it all my life, and enjoy every minute.



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