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The Rest Of My Life...

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Have read Experiences; comments, now the rest of my story, as addendum to previous submitted. "The First Time"
Your site, unlike the 'Tease Sites' gives believable experiences and causes not only my Penis but my mind to spring into writing----- and conclude the:REST OF MY LIFE
First a female submitter, stated male stories are made up, awkward and clumsy. Until I read of some actual stories of how a female actually felt the first time masturbating. The feelings going through her body and the guilt as experienced by men. A guilt which continues. Then I cannot comment on her lack of reality.
The following is not made up: Recalling it is an awkward awaking, writing it is clumsy, but did my best......
In class age, 12 or 13, glazing at the females with their developing breasts , tightly held back by their Catholic school jumpers, mesermized me one day. There were no sexual aspirations on my mind. One day the girls had flat breasts as the guys. Then mounds under thier tops began to appear. Now, I can only reflect that some of the more mature girls put cotton or tissues inside their trainer bra to make a more outward show. Without realizing it at first I was beginning to have an erection, reason unknown then. I slid a book on my lap so no one would notice. A boner, unwanted , was growing, why, unknown, but it felt good. Then a tap on my shoulder, (name) you are being called. The trance left.. Well, (name), what is your answer , I stood up. Clear to every one was I had a tent pole pushing out my pants by the zipper. I heard giggling from everyone. I stammered,"Yes, teacher, Sister, Nun, lady,I wasn't paying attention". Then sit down. A s I sat down the erect penis also receded. To where, I don't know but the tent pole pushing my pants had disappeared.
After school I was teased and teasted for having an erection in class. Weeks, or months later ( previously sent to Solo), I jerked of for the first time and felt guilty, why I don't know. Being a Catholic school we all had to go to confession every Friday as a class. Didn't know what to say to the priest, anguished to my self, before entering the confessional and said I committed an immoral act to my self. Told not to do it again, or suffer the pains of Hell. All I did was rub my erect and itching penis while sitting on the toilet and a spurt of white goo shot from my piss hole and surprised me. But it felt damn good. Now I look upon the situation as an unepected sneeze and mucus shoots from your nose or a cough causing a shot of colored liquid to extracr from your mouth, both embarrasing without a tissue readily availableto catch it. After my first ejaculaction which went on the floor, my legs, my pants, the toilet set. I was prepared because I know after jerking off the result was, cum, cum and more cum, as I grow older a tissue will do then I needed paper towels and many sheets. To bad a cold or cough doesn't decrease its liquid ouput as we age.
I t has been 44 years and I still remember the day I stood up in class, when called upon to answer a question. I had never been called upon before or after. Did Sister see my bulging pants and wanted to put a scare in not only me but all the males in the class,"Keep your eyes on the black (green) board and not on the girl's breasts,as small as they are now, you guys will have a chance to pet and pet the developed breasts till you cum in your pants later in life, but not now".
Jerking off the first time was a scare, with guilt, continued for years to with pleasure , always followed by guilt but now it is down right enjoyable, with guilt, since my wife died. My children say Dad,"Date some one" and end up with aids. Or should I be lucky to find a girl (woman) wiyhout threat of aids
my age to fuck, do mutual or blow jobs or eating of her cunt. Kids give a break, I found 'Solo Masturbation, on the Internet, go away.........
>>>>>>Note: Sorry for mis-spelling and other grammar errors, but went away for a week, my pets were to be watched and the person forgot, thank God a neighbor noticed and took over feeding, etc....Now the animals are under my feet my typing hands, everywhere, afraid to be left alone again ......Shit I don't blame my pets
The electric waves of a tickling joy, the inner pulling of my muscles, the throbing of my dick until climax were matched onced when I kissed my girl friend the first time, later my wife. I was all of 18, I tingled all over, becoming limp,then shook as being cold, but it was Summer time. When I went home my penis ached and I had to jerk off to relieve the tension, or better blue balls. There were unbelievable spasms through out my whole body. My penis slit sent out wave upon wave of cum as it squirted my ejaculation. I felt good but the guilt sent in, I was going to Hell .
Went to a party where a strip-teaser showed all, it was against the law in the early 1960's. All I saw was her black bus, no cunt lips.. But it was bare tits and bare bush, never seen before except magazines with breasts only. The guys wanted to visit a whore, said I had to go home. Found out afterwards, they all were laid, one after the other, without the prostitute cleaning her cunt of the cum previuosly deposited.....Aids? Then no now yes.
Yes.\, I went home but first to the woods behind my house and jacked off. The climax was the best I ever had up to that time, being I had just seen real bare tits and a bare cunt, covered with hair and lots of hair. It was dark, couldn't see the white cum which I always longed for untill being married, then I came in my wife's cunt. A dream now but to have been able to withdraw and shoot cum all over her tits, well neve rhappenewd, now a fantasy. Any way it was so dark but I could feel the ejaculation start from my balls, up my penis and relief was felt also felt the last sperm drops leak from my piss hole and rolled down my fist as squeezed every last drop of cum from my body.
>>>>>Getting to long, not my dick this E-Mail. Will shortten up to give you highlights of my rough draftnotes>>>>>>>>>>
During married life two special times of intercourse I remember, and no guilt,
My cock entered my wife's moist cunt and it felt as iof my dick was being swallowed into a deep well, her inner cunt muscles graspped and pulled my picker deeper into her body, yes we were really one personat the moment. My penis was being milked from inside her cunt and I could feel for the first time in my life my cum being sucked from me. I guess the feeling one gets from a blow job. it was fantastic, the 4th of July with all the fireworks. After 35 years of marriage I truly believe those were the onlty two times my wife hade a real orgasm. Those moments I will always cherish, not selfishly, but we were One....
Finally last events on mind all the time, maybe by sending it to you it will leave my mind.
When young before mastubation days was abducted by two older boys I was 10 years old maybe.
They led me into a cave and told me to take all my clothes off or die, fear set in as fear never has. I had no idea of sexual acts only my limbs and cock would be cut off or sliced with their knieves. I broke loos and ran home. Never mentioned it to anyone, for fear of being punished. I was not the guilt party,they were. Now I know how a raped woman feels. It was not her fault...Solo if nothing else, I am relieved of what happened years ago.
Now here is a mystery-----I have woindered what would have happened had I removed my clothes, knew nothing of masturbation, to best of knowledge, then Had I stayed would they have fucked me in the ass, made to give them blow jobs. Or have my own penis tied up, tortured, to make me cum.
Yes, it was terifying at the time, I remember it as yesterday....But I still fantasy to this day what would have happenned. I tie myselfup and act now as it would have been.
The other event was two girl friends gave me a ride home. They said let's rape him....it never happenned
To your female reader saying the male stories are made up..Maybe- some are but mine are relived every day, with guilt as I masturbate..
Thank You for listening, and if You are able to use this addendum to my first experiencing an ejaculation, please free to do so...............



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