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The Rent House

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The Rent House-Part 1

After my grandfather died, the real estate market took a downturn, and I decided to rent rather than sell his small home. On the main floor the house had an eat-in kitchen, living room, and small dining room, and one bath and two bedrooms upstairs. There was a decent sized screened porch in the back off the living room, and a washer and dryer in the basement. No garage, no carport, no storage areas. It was basic and small.

I posted a 'Furnished House for Rent' sign in the front yard and on bulletin boards at two local universities. I soon received a query from a young (mid-twenties) unmarried lady who was a nurse at a hospital near the house and who was also a graduate student at one of the schools. Veronica (call me 'Ronnie') and I were quickly able to come to an agreement on the rent and other related expenses.

I told her to call me if there were any issues with appliances and repairs, and that since I lived only 30 minutes away I would be doing the yard maintenance myself. I said I would make every effort to call a day or so ahead of time so as not to disturb her. She said that was no problem since she did not anticipate entertaining. When grandpa was alive he had arranged for a neighbor's son to shovel winter's snow from the walk and driveway, and I continued that arrangement for Ronnie. All in all, this sounded to me to be a fabulous arrangement for both of us.

Ronnie was very pretty, and a BBW in all ways except for her tits, which seemed to be almost non-existent. I soon learned that she was an advocate for the rights of larger people and attended meetings, conferences and social gatherings for people having similar interests. These events almost always took her out of town on weekends. And weekends were when I usually had time to do the yard work. Bottom line: Ronnie and I rarely saw each other.

When I went to do the yard work and she was not at home, I would peek into a couple of windows, and from what I could tell, she kept the house in decent shape. And she was always prompt with the rent.

Around dinner time one Thursday evening my phone rang and it was Ronnie saying that she thought she blew a fuse because her iron, TV and living room lights all went out at the same time. I said I'd be there within the hour to check it out. I was not very surprised about this news as the electrical system had been in need of updating for many years.

Armed with a package of fuses and a flashlight I arrived at the house to find Ronnie in a bathrobe. Given her height (5'10') and size, the robe actually reminded me of the jokes about big women's clothes being made by Omar The Tent Maker. But apparently she had taken the downtime to shower and wash her hair, hence her robe and wonderful aroma spoke of soap, shampoo, and body wash and oils. It was actually a bit of a turn on for me.

After replacing a fuse in the basement I returned to the kitchen where Ronnie was sitting reading the paper. I immediately noticed that she had one leg crossed over the other and the robe had slid off the leg revealing beautiful skin more than half way up her rather large thigh. And I noticed that she had applied some makeup. I thought perhaps she was going out, and that would explain the shower, makeup and ironing.

'OK, Ronnie. You are all set now. In the future maybe you should plug the iron into the socket on the other wall since that is on a different circuit than the TV. I'm sorry we never upgraded the electric so that this could be avoided. I hope this hasn't inconvenienced you too much this evening.'

'Not at all, Dan. Care for a glass of wine or a beer before you leave?'

'I don't want to keep you from your plans, Ronnie, especially since you've lost an hour already waiting for me to get here.'

'I have no plans, Dan. Just some ironing and TV, but I wouldn't mind a little company for a bit. And I don't really like to drink alone.'

'Well, alright,' I said, 'Then I'll have a little wine.'

'I'll bring it into the living room where it's more comfortable. Have a seat on the sofa and I'll be right there.'

She brought in a tray with a bottle of red, two glasses and some cheese and crackers, As she was bending down to place the tray on the coffee table in front of the sofa, I had a clear view down the front of the robe and saw no evidence of a bra or anything else under the robe.

Ronnie then sat at the other end of the sofa slightly turned toward me and brought one foot up to rest on the inside of her other knee opening the robe almost entirely. Two mammoth thighs were in view and they met just a few inches above the knees. Despite the vast amount of flesh that was revealed, there was too much of it to actually see her private parts. But she had a very sensual way of sipping the wine and holding her glass. That together with the aroma of her bath and provocative posture was having an effect on me, and I realized that I was beginning to sprout a boner.

We had been sharing small talk about jobs and family when Ronnie suddenly changed the subject by saying, 'Many men and women are repulsed by larger sized guys and gals. But I think on the inside big people are the same as our slimmer brethren. I wish everyone could get past looks, don't you?'

I guess from our first meeting I wondered about my feelings toward big people. Here was Ronnie, a pretty, smart, self-assured lady who happened to be big. Smart and self-assured are desirable qualities for anyone to have, and being good looking is a bonus regardless of one's size. Are big people any more or less attractive than their rail-thin opposites? But I did have one concern about it and I focused on it in my reply.

'Well, Ronnie, I agree with you. Although I must say from my personal viewpoint, my only reservation about someone being very large is my concern for their health. I think I would find it very difficult to get emotionally close to a person who puts their health at risk through any overindulgence be it food, booze, recreational drugs, smoking and even casual sex. The more it is abused, the more risk there is. I am no goody-two shoes by any means, but I try most times to be ... let's say 'moderate,' for lack of a better word.'

'Well said,' she replied. 'I wish the casual sex part was more a part of my life. My big friends are mostly uncomfortable with physical intimacy, so I am usually left to my own self-enjoyment. I mean, sitting here like this with you has me incredibly turned on. Actually, I was horny when I got home and was going to watch an X-rated DVD on TV tonight, and then the fuse blew.'

'Ronnie, why don't I leave now so that you can have your privacy?' I suggested.

'Are you really going to stand up with that tent in your pants?' she asked. 'Shit, I've been enjoying the thought of what it might look like out in the open. Look how wet I am,' and with that she opened her legs as wide as she could.

She wore no panties, and as she opened herself up with both hands, I could see the pussy juice seeping from her gash onto her thighs. Her pussy had very little hair around it and it was proportionately the same size as she was. Yep, she had a very big snatch. But she didn't stop there. She pawed at her inside lips with two fingers and I could hear a sloshing sound.

'Oh God Dan, please let me see your cock,' she begged.

Well, to me this didn't have a hint of an emotional attachment, and I had not been risking my health with casual sex lately, although I must confess to frequent self-abuse. 'What the fuck,' I thought. I stood, unzipped, dropped my jeans, and then caressed my cock through my jockey shorts for a moment just to tease her a bit.

Ronnie increased the speed of her fingers in and out of her pussy and then began to roll a finger of one hand over her clit. She was soon moaning (rather loudly) and her orgasm began in earnest. I lowered my jockeys to my knees and walked over to her and began to jerk myself right next to her. 'Where do you want me to cum?' I asked her.

'On my big, fat belly. Cover my belly with your cum.'

It didn't take very long for me to get into the spirit of the moment. Hearing her moaning combined with the noise from her soaked pussy had me rapidly losing my self-control, and I soon shot a rope of spunk that landed right near her navel. This was followed by three more shots that left a creamy pattern all over her large girth just as she asked for. And as it did, Ronnie tensed and appeared to be in a catatonic state for a split second. Then just as quickly she screamed an almost blood curdling howl and shuddered with her fingers deep in her pussy. Everything about her seemed to be moving. It was as though an earthquake was occurring within her body. Even her multiple chins were jiggling as she rode her orgasm through its duration.

As she returned to a lesser state of arousal, she scooped my cum off her belly with two fingers and brought them ever so sensually to her lips and licked every drop from them. 'Mmmm, this is good, and no calories! Maybe THIS diet would work.' We both got a chuckle from the statement.



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