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The Ref

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This all started at the beginning of the basketball season. About three months ago or so. Our first game of the season was the last game of the night. My team and I rocked up to the game as usual and watched the last few minutes of the game before us. One thing in this game caught my attention. The ref.

So eventually it's time for us to play and the ref is in charge of our game too. Now I really start to take notice. He's cute. Kind of skinny, medium length brown hair, a little shorter than me and damn, those eyes. They were so blue. When he looked at me I almost melted.

Needless to say I didn't have a great game. But we did win. As we moved through the games in the season he started reffing us every game. By now I had developed a bit of ongoing banter with him on the court and we had a few chats before and after games. But the fun wouldn't occur until our last game of the season.

It was the final. We made it all the way to the last game and by now me and the ref had started to talk outside of the games. We had a party planned for afterwards. Win or lose. So the game finishes, us losing by 14 points, and we all pack up our gear. The ref walks over to congratulate us on a good season. I decide it would be a good idea to invite him to our after party to which he agreed.

We came back to one of my team mates parents houses (they were away for their anniversary) and got the party started. I mingled with everyone but the ref stayed close to me all night. He didn't know anyone else as well as he knew me. So the party dies down a bit and some people start to leave. Of the people who were staying the night only I was still awake. The ref was still here and I asked him if he wanted to stay. He said yes.

Unfortunately... there was only one bed so we had to share. After chatting, openly flirting and undressing him with my eyes for a while he suggests that it is time for bed. I agree and we head to the bedroom I was allocated.

Once in there he takes of his shirt. Heaven. His abs made more obvious by his light frame. Then he takes off his jeans and is standing there in just his trunks. At this point I'm hard and he notices. He smiles at me walks over and pulls off my shirt. Now he is bulging too. And he moves to unbutton my jeans. We stood there for a moment and he smiled, looked straight into my eyes and kissed me.

After he pulled away he moved his hand over my crotch slowly rubbing up and down. His fingers caress the waistline of my trunks and he slides his hands inside and takes them off. I do the same to him. Taking in every moment. Then the moment came.

He took my dick in his hand and I his in mine. We started slowly and softly, but his grip was firm. The pace became faster and I could tell he was getting close by the way his muscles kept tensing up. Faster and harder we went until he shot all over my stomach and crotch. This was enough to send me over the top and I hit him on the chest.

He kissed me again, long and hard. Then we went to bed, naked and cum soaked. We cuddled all through the night and in the morning we went out to breakfast with everyone. No one knows or suspects anything. Not that my mates would mind. Two days later he texted me asking me on a date. That date is tomorrow.

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