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The Rash Part 2

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follow up to the rash.


A week after being at the Medical Centre I was to go back to see if my rash was clearing up, a week of putting my cream on the parts I could reach and my parents mostly dad put on the parts I could not reach, each time standing naked, my dad seemed to get some fun out of doing it as a couple of times when I got an erection he had a good look at my penis and had a laugh at my embarrassment.

When I went to the centre I had to see the male nurse as it was his contact name on my card, he took me in and asked how I had got on and I replied ok that my parents had put the cream on the awkward parts. He told me to strip off and once again I was standing in front of him naked. He started and did my front and told me to turn around till he did my back.

I was standing with my back to him and he did my legs up to my buttocks and then my arms and back, he then started rubbing the cream into my buttocks and was soon in between my legs nudging my balls, by this time I had started to get an erection, he went over to his desk supposedly to get something and on the way back had a look at my erect penis and smiled.

He continued on my back and then stopped for a second and then told me to bend over till he checked he had done it all, I bent over and he started touching my anus and trying his finger at it he told me to stand up and when I did so I felt something touch my buttocks I wondered what it was as his hands were on my hips then I felt it moving, he told me to turn around and on doing this saw he had his trousers and underpants down and his penis was sticking straight out and was solid.

He asked me what I thought about it and I said it looked fine, it was about 6 1/2 inches and was cut so the purple head was fully exposed, he asked me to hold it and it felt great, he then got dressed again and he started rubbing cream on my penis all too soon I knew I was going to cum but as before he said let it go and I shot a few spurts of cum over the floor, as I got dressed he wiped up the mess and he said same time next week, when I left I think we both had enjoyed ourselves.

When I went back the following week, much to my disappointment he was off ill and I had to see someone else, this turned out to be a female nurse in I would say her mid 40's, she looked at my notes and told me to strip to my underwear, I did this and now stood in just a pair of white briefs she then put my cream on and worked her way up my legs front and back till she reached my briefs then did my top half, she did my back first and said she would see if anymore needed doing and pulled my briefs down slightly and out and looked down at my buttocks.

She then did my front and when she reached my briefs she slipped them down till at first they came to the start of my pubic hair then out and had a look down inside and obviously had a good look at my penis because she said not bad for your age, she then told me to get dressed, after that she said my rash had cleared very well and to keep putting the cream on for another week but I did not have to come back.

I was glad it was clearing but at the same time a bit disappointed as I had been having a good time.



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