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The Proper Care Of Panties

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It wasn't until I was almost 30 that I ever bothered to explore the fetish for sniffing girls' used panties. But once I did, I realized I'd been missing a lot of extra fun. This article doesn't focus on any one incident, but is instead a general reference regarding the care and maintenance of fabulous female undies.

Sure, everyone enjoys this hobby a bit differently, but I've found what I think are several mistakes being made in this area, according to the material I've read on the subject. So here's a list of a top half dozen dos and don'ts regarding the proper care and maintenance of purloined panties:

1) Don't waste your time trying to find your favorite hot girl's panties by looking through her dresser, since you'll only find new or freshly laundered ones there, which are worthless. You might as well go to your local department store and buy a pair yourself, at that rate. Only the used ones in her hamper should be the ones you seek.

2) Sniff her dirty little briefs to your heart's content while jacking off, but don't instead take them and rub them on your cock. You don't want your odor on her undies. Her scent must always remain pure.

3) Also don't ever wear the panties. Besides the fact that you'd again be rubbing your odor into the undies, you'd also be acting gay as hell, and you'd never live it down if you ever got caught in the act.

4) As you can tell by the last two comments, going even further and cumming in them would be even more of a fragrance disaster. It totally ruins them for any later use ever again.

5) When a nice sniff and spew session with the panties is done, don't just throw them on the floor somewhere like they're garbage. They're not trash, they're treasure - so keep them in mint condition by putting them in an airtight zip lock sandwich bag, and filing them away in a safe place.

6) Not to get too retentive, but it also helps to pop a sticker on all bagged panties, writing on it the name of the girl you got them from, and the date you got them. This will be very handy indeed much later on if your memory is strained after you've built up a large collection.

Concluding remarks: I've found the above main procedures to be very effective over the years. Yes, all panties eventually lose their earliest pungent odor, but they still retain a good enough portion of it in order for a true huffer of panties to get off for a very long time. A little aroma plus a lot of memory association always works, provided that those precious panties are properly taken care of, that is.

Well, good luck, and happy hunting!



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