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The Principals Daughter

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A little background history, been working with the technical design for the Annual School plays and often I am found after school late. I'm in grade 11 and the Principals daughter has just come to the school in Grade 8 this year, I met her the second day when I was assigned to her Science class as a Peer Helper, I wasn't the greatest at the stuff they were teaching the new Grade 8 curiculum is what we were learning and I had trouble with in grade 10. So I wasn't usually that much of a help but she always seemed excited when I was near her, and I just got good vibes from her. All she did was play Sports, lots of soccer, that means very slim atheletic build, brown hair, just perfect.

It was one night I was there late running through the light timings for the play the next day with the director once more, right next door in the gym basketball practice was ending. We finished up with me needing to do about 20 minutes of adjustments after the director could leave, so I was left alone, I'm clueless as to how much I got to the adjustments when I thought 'I think I'm alone in the school.' The janitors were usually done by 8:00. I went to the gym for some reason and just shouted something into it for the echo, then proceeded to check if I actually was the only one here, however, apparantly when I had shouted I had alerted Kate, (The Principals Daughter) who was in the changeroom still after basketball practice, her too thinking she was only one in the school. When she had heard me shout she was mid shower and none of the girls used the school showers cause it's just one big open stall, she freaks out and wraps herself in a towel to come see what it is, I've been around the school and on my way back (now knowing no one else was there) I was extra surprised to see her come running out in nothing but a towel. She stops when she sees me and just runs up sort of shouting asking me why I'm there, pointing fingers, sort of protective to the school. I know her pretty well now so I just answered truthfully, then asked her what she was doing there. It was nearly 9:30 and her Dad, THE PRINCIPAL, was comming at 11ish, she said she enjoyed having the whole school to her access. I was like woah hour and a half, need some company?

Then it flipped me what she did next, 'Ooooh Come here' she leads me into the girls shower room, I immediately notice the big stall say something like 'You girls all have to shower together in a big room, pretty hot.' and she just says: 'everyone else showers at home... you caught me mid shower' the words get repeated in my head thinking cause at the end of her sentence she dropped her towel and went back to the shower. Just beautiful, she was buzzed down there, practically no breasts but still beautiful.

She had a really quick shower and dryed off with me just standing there in awe, once fully dry she looks at me and goes 'ever streaked a high school hall?' I actually had, in elementary school... but I told her no! She grabbed my hand dropping her towel and pulled me all along down the halls, when we got to the middle she stopped, and eyed me up 'Kay, all your clothes here,' I stalled a bit, 'NOW!' but quickly complied when she meant business, we ran from one end of the school back to the auditorium, I grabbed the keys from the booth and took her up top above the stage where the lights were.

'Truth or dare' I ask her, 'Truth' she quickly responds, 'Are you a virgin?' I say with a odd look on my face, she gets this I'm about to be raped look, and the mood all gets weird then she quietly answers 'No...' covering my ass tell her 'You still will be after tonight,' it fixed the moment and she seemed more comfortable.

Now she asks me: 'Truth or Dare' I say truth, and I don't remember she asked, but I told her the truth and it changed the way she looked at me, I asked here again:

'Truth or dare?' and she once again picks truth, I couldn't resist and burst out 'How often do you masturbate!' She looked down at her small bush and looks back up at me, 'Only once or twice a week, it's tough with a tight schedule.' Nothing past that she just asks again:

'Truth or Dare?' I wanted to do some shit it's awkward sitting there just talking, I say dare, this one I didn't see comming either: 'Will you... get me off?...' her voice got real quiet at me, I've become fixated over the years on making it more enjoyable for the girl, I smile softly and tell her I could try.

I just thought about what I've read from here on Solo, had her lie down, being 40 feet on a 4 foot wide walkway it upped the anti, I just lightly ran my hand around her thighs and closer up, 'I'm way hornier than that, go for it' with her go ahead I slowly crept up just ran my hand slowly and smoothly up and down her lips, I don't think she dried down there from the shower cause it still felt like water. When it was time I brought in my other hand and slowly rubbed her clit with my thumb, my actions felt like it would be making it painful but she shuddered every now and then when I hit the right spot. 'How many fingers you done?' I asked her but she just looks surprised, 'I've never actually fingered myself after the first time that it hurt, turned me off it' I thought it must have been the time she broke her hymen or whatever it is, 'Could you trust me and try something new?' she so innocently looking up at me nods.

Still working away on her clit I felt I could do it I slide my index finger in, 'Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, another' in goes my middle finger, I just continued that for a while once or twice there would be a grip and her muscles would contract around my fingers and she's just keeping mostly quiet, I stopped working at her clit and started reaching deep and around looking for the right spot, I knew I found it when I pressed on it she whimpered, lightly rubbing it she opened her eyes and looked at me, in her face I could tell it was time, I put a fair amount of pressure on it, got my other hand working on her clit again and leaned in and sucked on her nipple, it worked that's all I can say, it was explosive she was shuddering lightly for about 20 seconds and I just kept doing my job she gushed into my hand and passed out in the exctasy, when I noticed she was out cold I checked she was breathing and her pulse, and figured she was fine just drew over her with my soaking finger in her juices when she came to she smiled and looked up at me.

I pulled her up, we both stood up and I started walking her down off the light ramp, she told me she had never done anything like that before, and that it was amazing, I told her that she was amazing, I was actually falling in love with this girl, she said she'd never even kissed a boy yet and leant in and I kissed her slightly and quickly stepped back, it was 10:30 and she said she had to quickly have a shower before her dad got there. She left me there naked in the halls she went to the gym I walked back to my clothes, got dressed and made back for the gym to see her once more before she left. By the time I had got dressed and got back to the gym she had gone, or hid somewhere or something, nothing / no one was left in the changeroom. I grabbed my bags and started walking home, I have her on MSN, she just never signs on...



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