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The Power of the Mind

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There always seem to be far more male techniques here than female ones, and I am not surprised really. I would like to share the following, although it may be more lengthy than some.

Clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, anal stimulation, and of course, nipples and breast stimulation.

All well and good, but they count for nought without the most essential part of masturbation....the mind. It is here that I experience eroticism on a level that is hard to describe. Think about it for a momen. Suppose I am rubbing my clit, maybe with an object inside me. So what? Unless it is paired with a scenario, it means nothing and will almost certainly not lead to arousal, let alone orgasm. And there, boys, is the secret to women. Stimulate our minds before our bodies!

So, for me, there are more mental scenarios that I suspect the solotouch server could accommodate! Sometimes they are soft loving and romantic...where my husband seduces me slowly and carefully before making love to me. I masturbate to this kind of scenario usually the day or two after my period ends.

Others are, well, violent, almost. I may go to an outdoor place and imagine I am being pursued. I may actually wear clothing I can rip myself. I have been known to walk onto the hills near where I live, and begin to trot, then jog, then run. In my mind, imagining I am being chased. I have been known to find a secluded place where I rip my tights and imagine I am being gang fucked.

Sometimes, my fantasies are etheral, I am being masturbated by an imaginary psychic being. (Ever seen True Blood?)

Other times, I allow there to be a strong bond between what I call 'my body in the moment' and my horniness. This is more difficult to describe, but it works something like this. I will always be outside for this. Usually somewhere 'in nature' like the beach or the hills, but equally it could be somewhere crowded like a shopping mall. There, I will let myself become exquisitely aware of my dress moving on my body as I walk, how it rubs on my nipples, how wet I am between my legs, even if I get a tummy cramp, or need a pee, its all good. It is linked in my head with little snippets of real life memories. For example, if I need a pee, I may think back to telling my mom that and her saying 'No, Helen, you have to wait and DON'T do it in your panties' or I may notice a man or woman looking at me, and I will lock eyes with them and try to see into their soul, and under their clothes. I love looking at another girl and wondering when she last masturbated, or got fucked, or whether she shaves, or whether me looking at her is making her wet.

So in my case, masturbation is 10% physical and 90% in my mind. I have done things in my mind that I would never, in a million lifetimes do for real. In my head, I have 'dogged', I have had sex with animals, I have been loved, (OK, I do that in real life!) I have been raped (Something that in real life I would fight to the death to avoid). I have wet myself, (Something I do, rarely, purely for its 'naughtiness') I have masturbated over much MUCH older men (OK something I have done in the real world) I have masturbated over younger girls...(No, I am no paedophile, and would never EVER approach an underage boy or girl!) but again, for me it is the wondering. Does that 16 year old boy jack off, does that 16 year old girl jill herself. What do they think about? Did they do it this morning? Is he hard? Is she wet? That kind of thing.

Then there is my sensual 'dragon', now permanently etched on my skin either side of my spine. There are two 'dragons' in my head, and there are two on my back. One is my real sexuality. It is She who drives me to be an imaginative lover, the other is my fantasy dragon. It is She who drives me into depravity, and yet is so utterly fulfilling.

Yes, masturbation techniques are complicated. I may see something today, for example. It may be just a flash of panties, or a semi erect cock under trousers. It may be I am suddenly siezed with a desire to be naked in public. (Sometimes, at night, I get my husband to drive me into the nearby town. I take my clothes off and have to make my way home naked. This is always in the early hours of the morning, 3:00am. When I get home, I am so aroused, he will fuck my brains out)

I am sorry this is so long, but I hope it counts as 'technique'



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