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The Plumber and His Tool

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You know that sprayer hose attached to the sink. It started leaking, so on my day off, I went to a home store, picked up one of those universal replacements, and figured I'd fix it myself. Nothing is ever easy, is it? I didn't have a 'basin wrench' Jeez, you'd think they'd put the tool requirements on the package.

I managed to get the old one off, but there was no way I could get the new one on. I couldn't leave it without, because whenever I turned on the faucet, it would leak everywhere. I looked through my address book and found the card of a plumber that I had met at the gym. I gave him a call, and as luck would have it he was on vacation and that it was a simple job, he'd pop right over.

I was all sweaty from my frantic attempts to get the stupid thing on, so I got in the shower. Why is it that every time you're in the shower either the phone rings, or the doorbell rings? I yelled out through the bathroom window, which was adjacent to the back door, that I'd be right out. I put on a terry cloth robe and answered the door.

Man this guy was hot and built! He was wearing a tank top and a pair of old jersey gym shorts, that really left nothing to the imagination. I could see his cock flop back and forth as he walked into the house. I felt my own cock 'fluff' a bit under my robe. He looked over at the sink 'This the problem? I'll have it fixed in a jiff.' Take your time I thought, but didn't say it out loud. I just thanked him for doing me such a huge favor. It REALLY is so hard to find a good, and honest plumber!

I sat at the kitchen table, got a drink and asked him if he wanted one. He said sure. So I poured him one and left it on the counter. He took a sip or two and then manoeuvered himself on his back half way into the cabinet. I sat back at the table, waiting a few more minutes to dry before I got dressed.

In the course of positioning himself, he had bent one knee and spread open his legs. This gave me a perfect view of his balls and cock. As I had thought, he wasn't wearing underwear. He had a set of low hangers on him the size of a couple of eggs. He moved again, and the head of his dick slipped out his shorts. I tried not to stare, but couldn't help myself, as more and more came into view when he moved about under the sink. He called out to me and asked if I could turn the water on for him. I said sure, and tried the faucets. I wasn't sure what was supposed to happen, no water had come out. He told me to hold on and stay there for a few minutes if I didn't mind. I was a bit disappointed because I couldn't see anything from this angle. What I didn't realize at the time was that HE could see everything from his angle. He had a clear view up my robe and could see my cock and balls and my partial hard-on. At this point, I looked down and now I could see from this angle, as the entire head and part of his shaft immerged from his shorts. It turned me on that he was getting hard looking at me, and I spread open my legs a bit to give him a better view.

I have always fantasized about being with a guy, but am married with a couple of young kids. I really love my wife and would never cheat on her. I started to get a full blown erection that would, at any minute, tent out my robe and be completely obvious. I was a bit scared and so I told him, that I would be right back and that I was just going to throw some clothes on. He didn't say anything. I went into my bedroom, my dick was now stiff as a board and dripping pre-cum. I always drip a lot, don't know why, but if I had got dressed right then, there would have been a noticeable wet spot that would develop in the front of my shorts. I quickly threw off the robe, hopped on the bed, spread open my legs and started beating off. I lift weights too, so I have quite a muscular body but I'm most proud of my thick legs and thighs. I think I started to moan softly.

I own a ranch style house, so the bedroom was right off the kitchen.

I was so turned on that I didn't care who was in the house. Mother Theresa herself could have been in my kitchen and I couldn't have stopped. My eyes were partly closed until I heard '...oh yeah, beat that thick meat man.' I opened my eyes and there was my plumber. Shirt off, shorts pulled down to his knees and working the head of his big dick. He had one of those treasure trails on his abds that lead to his pubes that was so hot. I let out a low moan as he moved closer to the bed and stood right next to me.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to happen. All I know is that I was horny as hell and watching him beat off that fine cock was bringing me right to the edge. I started opening and closing my legs, digging my balls into the mattress and gyrating my hips. I felt my face and upper chest flush. His dick was as hard as a rock and he was thrusting it into his closed hand. 'Yeah man you need me to jack that hot dick of yours....' You wanna feel my dick huh? Is that what you want?' He kept on talking to me this way with a raspy sexy voice. His breathing changed and he started to grunt, and I felt a warm splash of his cum on my chest and then on my abds and pubes. This was all I needed and I shot a huge load, the first one hitting my face and chin, then on my chest mingling with his own cum. I was drenched in the process as I had the strongest orgasm and contractions that I had ever felt.

I lay there, totally spent. He let out a little laugh to break the tension, and then said. 'I just came in to let you know that your sprayer is fixed.' I looked at my cock, and the ocean of cum on my chest, face and stomach and we both laughed really hard. He pulled up his shorts, put his shirt on and said 'If you need any other plumbing work, gimme a call.' I asked him how much I owed him, and he said 'Dude, I outta be paying you.' I was embarrassed by the compliment and speechless. He left really quickly, and I dried myself with a pair of underwear. I was about to toss them in the laundry and hop in the shower again but I thought, I think I want to save these underwear for future sessions.

A few weeks later, my wife asked me when I was going to do something about the water drip in the tub. The dripping was annoying her. I told her I'd call a plumber!!



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