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The Pleasure of Your Company

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How you excite me. Know that when you go, I go.


I found J's Confessions of a Wife extremely erotic because I adore women who know how to fine tune their erotic self-pleasuring. I'm sure there are others like her - both men and women-who derive keen pleasure in slowly bringing themselves to extreme heights of sexual pleasure and holding themselves there for an incredibly long, mind-blowing time until they choose to soar off into the cosmos on one big, throbbing, never-ending series of sensual explosions. Such a sight leaves a man with a boner that refuses to go limp while the rest of him has orgasmed all over the place. Yet the cock keeps jerking in remembrance and he looks around unbelieving the distance, the amount and the violence of his ejaculations.

I too relate to her pleasure at savoring her husband's secret masturbatory library involving Rachael. To me, nothing is more erotic than a young woman pleasuring herself totally alone. It never fails to give me an intensely hard erection. As I watch the beauty playing with herself I reach a plateau of 'hotness' that knows no stopping or reversing. At that point I would do ANYTHING to stimulate her to even greater heights because her erotic pleasure is really what fuels mine.

I may not even key in on her busy caressing of her vagina. Instead I note the intensity of her expression, the position of her legs, the uncontrollable spasms of her thighs, the spreading or curling of her toes. They all tell me something about the growing intensity of her sexual pleasure, the pleasure that she herself is giving herself. It doesn't get any better than that because she alone knows exactly what to do to drive herself crazy with that very marvelous intensifying feeling, and seeing this I know what excitement she is feeling because I am feeling it too with each intensely growing moment.

I love to see her tease herself... (And me in the process), stopping, spreading her lips perhaps, showing me her enlarged fully erect very shiny wet and oh so tempting to very lightly tickle, clitoris. Then she starts again and she excites me even more with her panting, her straining, her jerking, her movements, the juices that slicken her thighs, her fingers, the aroma of her sex that has stimulated so many young men to shoot off in their pants as they buried their noses in some young woman's wet panties where the scent of her sex was simply too overpowering for him.

Women know these nuances. Connie's awareness of her girlfriends' sexual needs and responses as they occurred and how each reacted was surely the trigger for many men's orgasms from reading her words; mine repeatedly for sure. Think how many wonderful throbbing orgasms her words repeatedly gave us and continue to give us... so nice.

Even at the end I relish the fever pitch my young lady attains, with each breath I know exactly how far away she is from the main event, the climbing to the summit, the stiffening pause, the toes curling back at that last critical moment at the peak; then the pause just before the big, thrilling nerve tingling intensely delicious climax, all muscles stiffened to attention, then the mad rush through pulsing, throbbing corridors of pleasure, rushing uphill and downhill toward the end, gradually diminishing, the final deep sigh with eyes closed, the slow closing of the legs, the last final wonderful savoring of pleasure after an erotic experience lived and enjoyed to the max.

By then the evidence of my mutual pleasure at sharing her's has squirted volumns all over the place. Thank you you wonderful lovely ladies who know so well how to thrill me. Thank you J. Thank you Connie. It was extraordinarily good cumming with you because you enjoyed it so much.

Until next time.



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