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The Pillow Technique

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The Pillow Technique
Ok first off let me say this site was a wonderful idea, a generous ovation to the creator.
Let me start of by saying that I'm 15 years of age I live in New Mexico. When I was young, being an only child, I was bored all the time and didn't figure out masturbation until my cousins came along. I first had experiences with my girl cousin who was one year younger then me. We were about seven or eight and we played boyfriend and girlfriend. I always would be the girl, which she really got mad because the bundle of socks we used to put down her pants weren't very comfortable. We would jump on my bed and move on top of each other, of course I never got an oragsm or anything but it made me get aroused.
Later on my smaller cousin came. She was and is very horny till this day. She was quite younger than me around 4 or three years of age. We would do the "spider" in bed and hump each others legs for a while till we both came. I usually come quite fast but my cousin could hump my leg all day and not get anything by it. As I grew up I left my cousins alone, besides we were feeling guilty and we never talked about it ever again. I left masturbating for a while because as many starters feel at first, I felt as if I was doing something bad. I'm very religious and I also felt that God would punish me if I kept doing it.
I couldn't resist it anymore so one night I was thinking of my crush and I got really really aroused. I had a pillow between my legs, ( it's very comfortable to sleep with a pillow in between ), and I started moving without even noticing. I wasn't afraid of someone walking in because I've always had my own privacy. You know lock on all door and stuff like that. Anyways, I started humping it harder and harder until I came. That's my only technique I've used, oh well not to mention the water faucet, which I'm glad to say I got that idea from here. Thanx!
I saw my cousin couple weeks ago and I'm planning on going in a couple of days. We only mentioned about us playing Boyfriend and Girlfriend when we were bored but it didn't repeat ( unfortanally). The farthest of gone with her is french kissing because we were both curious how we both kissed. I haven't had any intimate girl relationships but i'm more than willing to. I've always fantasize with some other girl. Women's naked bodies really turn me on unlike guys. Don't get the wrong impression, I love guys, It's just that I find women to be more sexier when naked. I hope I get my cousin into masturbating but yet I don't know how I'm going to to that if I really don't want her to know I do it.
Now to turn myself on I go to webs sites such as these or go and see naked pics of women. My best is I get in front of my camera of my computer and I strip I also video tape myself humping the pillow, I save the file and there it is when I can't use the internet and I'm getting aroused.
Well again thank you for mentioning the water faucet tech... it really gave me a wonderful time!
Bye! --Jasmin



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