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The Pillow

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This story is somewhat ironic. Here I sit in Charlotte, NC, closer to 60 and I am writing about an experience that started some time ago. I am referring to the pillow. When I was young, and had no knowledge of sex, I found through the mutual curiosity with my neighbor that when we rubbed our cocks together it felt very, very good. Matter of fact, there was a 'tingle' that I had never felt before, but it was great. Unfortunately, he moved away and I lost my playmate.

Of course I now know it was my first orgasm. It was dry and would remain dry until my 13th birthday. What also remained was my absolute love of getting the 'tingle' feeling again. I learned that by using a pillow, I could gets similar feeling of what it felt to rub against Eddie. I soon realized that rubbing against most things got me hard and it was an experiment that continued.

As I got older, I found the pillow was my best friend. I would bunch it together to get it hard so my growing cock would have a harder surface to rub against. Sometime, after have two or three sessions, I wanted a softer surface to gently bring about another 'tingle'. Growing up in the 50s meant this activity was absolutely private and not something you talked about. I was thirteen when I shot my first liquid. I was shocked. I knew what happened but had never seen it. A group of us guys would talk about jerking off and cumming but never shared the experience. Now that the liquid was a part of my experience I used tissues but found a good cum disintegrated the tissues and I was leaving spots on my pillowcase. I sometimes would come into my hand, to prevent the spots but this was not as good, because my arms were hard, the pillow was soft and I liked soft.

My solution was a torn t-shirt. I decided that this might work and it was great. I was also able to hide the 'cum rag' and reuse it. When it got too crusty, I would throw it out and start another one.

One time, when I was 14 three friends got together at my house and we somehow got undressed and decided to cum together. We didn't touch each other but we watched. It was then I learned that one of my friend's only came when on his back rubbing his cock with three fingers as it lay against his stomach. He got a bunch of tissues and he came buckets. My other friend sat up and stroked his furiously. I thought he was going to break it. I watched from my bed, on my stomach, t-shirt in place as I humped my pillow. We were all about the same size. We were all cut and we all had a small amount of hair. The hard stroker had big balls and his cock curved to the left. My balls were small and my dick pointed straight. Larry was the same size as me and he pointed a little to the left as well. I remembered wondering if mine was wrong for not pointing left. The funny thing is we never repeated that event and never talked about it.

I did have many, many orgasms reliving that day. And they were mostly on my pillow.

A few years after that day I was introduced to the handshake method of jerking off by another friend as we did each other. We were standing looking at some pictures and he takes his cock out and starts to rub it. He encourages me to do the same and then after a few strokes, he takes hold of mine. That was a whole new world and something that I still enjoy today. Around the time of my 16th birthday, I left the pillow and became a sit at the desk and jerk off to pictures in Playboy and Penthouse kind of guy.

Now fast forward 40+ years and I am writing one of my first submissions to the Internet sites and I think about the early years. I remembered that my first playmate liked me to roll over and smell my behind. He thought it was a great smell. I got him to roll over on his stomach so that I could place my little penis between his cheeks and rub like it was a very soft pillow and get to the 'tingle'. Sorry I digress.

It was a day where my wife was at work, I was on the net looking at pictures of pussies and then I decided to look at a few cocks. The more I looked at the different cocks the harder I got. I got a flashback and thought of my pillow. Since I was naked I went to my bedroom and proceeded to slowly hump it like old times. I was an interesting feeling. Soft and pliable, I moved the pillow in different ways to vary the sensations and I built to a near orgasmic state. I slowed down a bit and decided that since I didn't have my trusty t-shirt I couldn't come on my pillow. So, I built up the motion again and just before I came, I rolled over on my back and jerked myself to a glorious orgasm on my stomach. I smiled thinking that the feeling was great even though the quantity of come on my stomach was much, much less.

You know, you should always have a good pillow around - you never know when you will need it.



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