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The Phone That Rings in the Night

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We met 11 years ago now, on line in a chat room. Our relationship has blossomed for 11 years and I live 12,000 miles away, but business allowed me to travel the world and every opportunity we had, we got together and really showed our love for each other. I am now retired and travel does not come that easy as it's a bit hard to explain to my wife why I would want to go overseas without her. So my lover and I now only get together on yahoo chat using a web cam and also by phone. We talk as often as we can but always once a week at least we make passionate naked love on the webcam.

Recently I have had to sleep in an upstairs bedroom apart from my wife because we both have a very bad cold and we were keeping each other awake coughing.

This of course allowed me to ring my darling, as when I went to bed it she was just waking up so we both lay in bed talking. We usually talk for an hour at least and finish up with a magnificant orgasm, so I can go to sleep really satisfied and she can start the day feeling excited and pleased knowing we love each other dearly.

This week she had guests over and it has been impossible to call her as her guests were there all the time, so I said for her to call me at anytime during the night if she had a chance.

Well last night, after two nights of non contact I went to bed as usual laying there holding myself and dozed off into a deep sleep. At 4.00am I was woken to the shrill vibrating of my mobile phone. I answered and heard her voice saying 'I'm sorry if I woke you up, but I am now alone and I just wanted to talk'.

Just hearing her voice at 4.00am made that familiar tingle start between my legs and before long my cock was hard and in my hand. We talked for about 30 minutes about family and all sorts of other things but knowing that this conversation would soon end with us both wanting more.

Well I wasn't disappointed as she breathed heavily into the phone 'I want you to fuck me. Are you ready with the body lotion?'

I didn't need any second invitation I asked her what she was wearing, and then told her to take all her clothes off and lay in the afternoon sun naked on the bed. I then lay on top of my bed naked also, 12,000 miles away, in the dark of my night.

She told me she was lying on her back with the phone between her ear and the pillow with the soles of her feet pressed against each other. I did the same and noticed to do this my knees were spread wide open as my hand slid up and down on my cock covered with cream.

All I could do was see her lying like I was with her knees wide apart in the brightness of the day exposing the beautiful pussy that I have seen many times on the webcam. I asked what she was doing and she said she had both hands on her cunt and her fingers gripping the lips on either side and opening herself up for me to enter her, then she said she had put two fingers inside herself and her wetness allowed her to slide them in and out while her thumb rubbed on her clit.

She then proceeded to describe every movement of her fingers how they were pushing deep into her and how she wanted me so badly. My cock was now throbbing hard and I was so ready to take her and my hand slid up and down faster and gripping my cock harder. She said she wanted to suck my cock as we laid in a 69 position and wanted to feel my tongue inside her.

Our talking started to slow as our breathing got heavier and orgasm got closer, I could hear her moaning and she could hear my sloshing as my precum and cream mixed together as my hand blurred along my cock. I was now moaning and knew that familiar feeling was starting in my legs and was moving quickly to my arse, then to my whole body as my orgasm erupts and covers my stomach with warm cum. I hear her at the other end of the phone moaning heavily as I cum and she shudders in the throes of satisfaction of our wonderful lovemaking.

This was one of many nights we have had but it was one of the best for me because I usually make the phone call but to be woken up by such a beautiful lady just wanting me to make love to her was something awesome.

Who said love stops early... She is almost 72 and I am almost 69, we masturbate together sometimes twice a day and sometimes twice a week but whenever it is, we once again feel like 30 year olds with all the experience of 70 year olds.

What a combination, youth with experience, go for it older guys and gals, believe us it only gets better.



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