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The Penis Swordfighters Club

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When I was in university, there was this secret underground club called the 'penis swordfighters club.'

It's exactly as its name says it is - a gathering comprising a group of guys who liked nothing better than to whip out their cocks and smack them against each other.

The rules were simple - whoever had an orgasm or backed out (due to pain, soreness, etc) first would be the loser.

The 'club' was pretty exclusive, and you had to know someone who knew someone to become a 'member.' It comprised mostly gays, but there were a number of straight guys too. It was done mostly for fun and pleasure, though sometimes money would be at stake.

I only ever participated in a cockfight twice, because I found it too rough for my liking. I'm not gay, but I've always enjoyed a nice, gentle cockfight (more like just gentle rubbing against another cock).

I got involved in the club through my dorm mate, Jake, who happened to be gay and knew someone on the 'inside.' He casually asked what I thought about gay people, and if given a chance to try something, 'how far I would go.'

I told Jake that as a kid, I actually had a few (short) experiences rubbing cocks, and found it quite enjoyable.

Jake's eyes lit up when I told him this, and he immediately told me about the penis swordfighters club. Needless to say, I was curious to learn more.

A few days passed, and Jake finally told me that he had spoken to the club's heads, that he had assured them that I was trustworthy and could come in as a club member's guest.

I was curious about what he meant, and he said those who were unsure about whether to become members or not could come in as a guest of an existing member to get a close-up view of how the club operated.

I was intrigued, and agreed. He told me that as a guest, I could only watch, and not participate and I was fine with that!

Needles to say, I was quite anxious and excited. My first 'experience' with the club happened on a Friday night, and I'll never forget it.

It was held in one of the university senior's rooms, and it was quite surprising to see the other faces there that night. There must have been at least 20 guys that night!

The senior whose room it was, was like the host of the night, and there were two 'fights' scheduled for the night.

The first fight was between two white guys. They stood in the middle of the room while the rest of us either stood, sat or laid down around them. As they approached each other, they took off their pants, and it felt a bit weird and exciting at the same time to see their cocks - already hard and ready for action!

They got down to it immediately - slapping against each other like actual swordfights. They had to keep their hands on their hips, and either swayed their hips left and right or jabbed back and forth.

They really seemed to be into it, and were sweating in no time. The other guys cheered them on, and I got hard just watching!

Finally, one of the guys backed off because he was sore, and that was that. The second match was between a black guy and a white guy, and I'll never forget the black guy's size - he was huge! He must've been 8' or 9', and he was thick! He practically killed his opponent in no time!

Interestingly, there's also a 'weight' (or rather, length) category for the matches. There were three - light (4' and below), middle (4' to 6') and heavy (6' and above) weight. There were rarely any light weights. Most of the matches were middle and above.

I experienced my first cock fight two weeks later, and it was quite embarrassing. First of all, I was limp, and was beaten to a pulp by a steel rod-equivalent and had to quit after just 10 seconds. It hurt like hell!

My second (and final match) was with an Asian guy who was smaller than me but he still killed me! After that, no more fights. It was more painful then pleasurable.

Sometimes, I would become Jake's 'sparring partner,' and he would be always gentle with me. It was pleasurable, and most of the time, all the rubbing and grinding would cause me to have a great orgasm!

I continued to attend the club fights for a few more months but as most of the guys graduated and left, the club pretty much disbanded.

I always enjoyed watching all of those cocks - in all shapes and sizes, slapping against each other. Most of the time after a club fight, I'd go back and jack-off thinking of those cocks, and have a great orgasm!

Sometimes after a night I'll have a dual with Jake - gentle and pleasurable - my category, and have a great orgasm too!

I wonder if there are any clubs like this today.



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