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The Payback

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This is a story of how my wife arranged a bit of a payback for some intercessions on her part and in part as a example of the reason she was drawn to a young masseuse


I have written two stories about my wife and her obsession with massages and tasting cum and her indiscretions with her prior masseuse. We worked through all that and Jen wanted me to know the thrill of attention from a young maiden as she knew that of a young man.

Jen works with a bevy of beauties, she is something of a big sister to them. When they have boyfriend issues, or life issues she offers advice. One of the girls was coming off a bad break up and had sworn off men forever. Jen figured her for my treat. This sounded like nothing but trouble to me but, she assured me it would be good for both of us. I just had to swear not to expect any return visits.

Jen told me that she needed to practice her Kama Sutra skills with someone who she was not interested in and was unavailable so she could feel good about the prospect of men in general and her prospects in particular. Jen must have shared all my hot buttons with Madison (Madie) not that mine are much different from any other Guy. I like fit girls with short red hair and pert nipples. Breasts need not be huge but responsive or hard erect nipples really get me going. This describes my wife I was not expecting that she would find someone like this, but she did.

One of Jens secrets is she found a cream that will leave her nipples erect for hours. It also tastes kind of minty, which is nice. Jen shared that find with Madie to similar effect.

The drill was for Madie to bathe and massage me and to make me cum until I could not get it up again, and then I was to show her all the skills I had learned as my wife's private masseuse. Jen was there to provide pointers and encouragement by whispering in our ears.

Madie showed up and seemed very nervous so the plan went out the window. Madie was to go first and to be made to cum until she could not cum again. Madie was an absolute vision. She undressed and put on a silk robe. She smelled intoxicating I don't know the perfume but it was perfectly suited for her fresh unblemished apparent innocence. I wormed oil and had her start by laying down on her front with the robe on. It was loose fitting enough that I could manipulate the robe and drag it across here bare skin. She immediately began to relax and said that feels nice. I sent Jen to get her silk scarf. While Jen was gone I assured Madie she was the sexiest girl I had ever seen, and she deserved the best guy in the world. I began to massage over the robe, nothing sensual, just soft tender manipulation of her neck and lower back. She melted as I continued. I was to the point of making Madie aroused. Jen came back with the scarf. I had Madie remove the robe and I draped her with the scarf. It was much easier to drag the silk over her skin. She cooed like a dove. My massage became more deliberate I kneaded her from toes to head, and back to her glutes. At this point Jen asked if Madie had brought one of her vibes. Madie had forgotten. Young girls can be so forgetful. Jen allowed as such that she could use hers but suggested there would be a price.

Jen retrieved her oscillating clit vibe. Madie had no idea what to do with it. She was so precious she thought it was a dildo. I took it from her and had her lie on her front again. I had her spread her legs an I pulled the scarf up to reveal her pussy. She was soaked I felt my way to her clit making sure the head was at home plate as Jen calls it, Jens baseball nomenclature for giving me masturbation direction.

Jen has taken to lead me between the batters boxes and out to second base and back. The pitchers mount was simply a place to put the bat, for Jen.

I had Madie going pretty good but could not get her over the hump. I suggested she should work the vibe. This was clearly the answer. She appeared to be in orgasm almost from the moment she took control. I concentrated on the backs of her legs and gluts. As I approached the pitchers mound with my fingers she rotated her pelvis inviting penetration I drove a finger in. She drew a deep breath and held it for three or four seconds as every muscle on her being began to quake. As the contractions started I was astounded by the power of her cunt. It was like a hand grip on it intensity. My mind started to wonder, with thoughts on something other than my finger that place. As strong as the contraction was it stopped rather abruptly. Madie collapsed in a panting heap. Jen told her to go for another. Madie huffed she could not. Jen said kick up the vibe you might be surprised. Madie seemed incredulous that it had a higher speed.

She rolled over and packed pillows behind and sat against them. She had a wonton look in her eye, any pretense of modesty or nervousness was gone. She ordered me to suck her nipple and finger her. I did my best to cradle her back with one arm while I alternated suckling and licking her rock hard nipples as I fingered her. Two fingers were all I could get into her. The second orgasm seemed to come much faster the contractions lasted much longer. Madie did not take the vibe away. She barely caught her breath before another wave started to crest. Jen came out of the shadows she was nude. She joined me at Madie's breast and suggested I work her G spot. Just as I did Jen took Madie's left nipple in her mouth. Jen probed her ass and that did it. As she crested Madie actually screamed. She squirted twice she contracted five of six times before she took a breath. I was like she came up from half drowning. She took the vibe away Jen moved it back and Madie jerked like she had been hit with a cattle prod. She was too sensitive to go on.

I was the most intense orgasm I had ever seen. I was dripping precum, an event that was not lost on my wife. She collected some and brought it to her waiting mouth. Sucking her finger like it was dipped in chocolate. Madie could barely speak all she could say was, that was incredible. Jen stroked my cock for another gob of precum. This time she brought it to Madie's lips. This was so hot. Madie said she doesn't swallow, Jen asked if she ever tried Madie said I almost died being forced to with a dick in my throat. Jen kind of snickered Madie did to. Jen said its barely a taste, he is the best I've ever tasted. Making me wonder how many she had tasted.

Jen brought her finger to Madie's mouth she reluctantly licked it with her eyes closed. Jen persisted until Madie opened her mouth and sucked it clean. It wasn't bad she said. I like it. It's kind of salty.

NOW it was my turn. I could not have been more ready. Jen said you will need to do something about that hard on or he will never be able to enjoy the bath. Madie touched me for the first time she smiled at me. She tells me you were incredible. Now I am going to take care of you.

I love the smell and taste of clean fresh pussy. Madie must have been clewed in. She lost her hand between her legs she brought three fingers to my mouth I sucked them clean then she spit on her hand and started stroking. Jen Suggested Madie use hot oil. Madie asked is it eatable, Jen assured her it was. Madie asked Jen to show her how I like it. Jen oiled me up. She worked me for a couple minutes very slowly. I told Jen to speed up. Tell Madie says Jen. Madie started stroking me faster and faster I encouraged her faster and faster. Her hands were almost a blur. Pressure started to build. I knew I would not last long. As it hit Madie stopped stroking and pumped her fist like she was squeezing a ball. The squeezes were perfectly timed to maximize the geyser effect. Stream after stream launched into the air and landed on my belly and chest.

The bath time was Jan's turn. She put on a multi orgasmic show. She even had a new butt plug toy. Madie dutifully washed me from head to toe while Jen put on her solo show. As she approached her second orgasm my prick showed signs of recovery. By the third Madie abandoned me to soak, while she borrowed one of the sleek dildos Jen had used to prepare her ass for the Butt plug. Madie washed it and began using it on Jen. It was nearly lost in her well stretched Pussy, but its ridges served well as a utensil to extract my wife's cum. Madie proceeded to lick it clean and go back for more. Jen came a third time this way. As Jen continued to her forth Madie used the vibe on herself. They came together.

My cock was like stone. Madie offered the vibe to my wife to lick. She admitted I have never tasted someone else's. I offered to take one for the team but Jen found her courage and took a lick. Not as salty as man juice. It is almost sweet but tart isn't it. I had to agree.

The girls took me to the bedroom there they tag teamed me for a massage. I was so relaxed I even lost my hard on. Madie lamented, no more come, stick a fork in him he is done. Jen rolled me over and proved Madie wrong. The next serving of cum cannot be discussed here.

I came to find out afterwards that Madie had cut and died her hair to suit my preferences. She is normally blond. Jen had told Madie that there are good guys out there and that she might want to start looking for a more mature guy instead of chasing after party animals.

Jen had suggested she needs to polish her sexual skills and had her study the Kama Sutra for weeks prior to our encounter. I suspect she would not have been anywhere near as skilled without instruction. The instructions Jen had given Madie going forward where to employ all the techniques of the Kama Sutra short of intercourse and never offer that until a proposal was in hand. It worked for Jen to get me.

Madie started seeing a nice grad student. Pity I though. The whole two girls thing would be easy to get used to. Jen said she had not intended getting involved that night other than as an observer, but I suspect she was bi-curious, and kind of had a thing for Madie. Madie was like ice cream, hard not to like. I am glad we could help her.



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