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The Party

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This is a continuation of my story, Lockdown


It was during summer of last year, I was invited to a party. I hadn't seen my friend much, since history had ended, and nothing had happened since. In fact, if you can believe it, with the advent of exams and Summer, it had been pushed from my mind. I got home one day from the pool and saw my parents packing, which freaked me out. It turns out their company had called them over somewhere for three weeks, and no I couldn't come. After they left the following Friday, I went out to the store to get some stuff.

I just got out of the store, and I realized I forgot something, so I went back in. I turned a corner and literally bumped into someone. It was my friend. After a good laugh, we got to talking while I helped her finish shopping. Turns out her parents had gone to Britain the previous week until August. She then told me that she had taken the opportunity to have a party tomorrow, and she told me to come, so I put it on my schedule.

So I got ready, and went to the party. Nothing big, a couple movies, some pizza, some other stuff, (No, not drugs). Anyway, the party fizzled down, people left, and everything got quieter. But, if you've been to parties, you know these things always end a huge mess, and since nobody was waiting for me at home, I stayed back and helped her clean up.

About five minutes later, it hit me. Me. Her. Alone. No parents to appear, not interruptions, nothing. My previous experience with her came rushing back to me, and as you can guess, gave me an instant hard on. As you guys know, this thing can be a pain to control, but I got the thing back down. When we finished cleaning up, she asked if I wanted to stay a little longer, and watch a movie. I, obviously, said yes. We sat down on her couch, and eventually, got to me laying down, and her laying down in front of me with my arm around her. About this time, my hard on started to return. I did my best to try and hide it, but, she noticed. I figured that out when she reached her hand around and grabbed my hard on.

She turned around and grinned at me, and asked me if she did that to me, to which I replied yes. She also asked if I liked the fun we had in history, to which I could only reply meekly 'Yes'. She moved up, kissed my cheek, and said 'Me too'. She then started to stroke my cock, and I reached up and grabbed her boob. There wasn't a lot of space, and she said 'Wait a minute.' stood up and beckoned me to her room.

As soon as we entered, she turned around, and pulled off my shirt and pants, I did the same thing to her. She reached behind and unhitched her bra, and let her boobs free. She sat down on her bed and directed my hands to her boobs. I started to squeeze, and pinch her nipples, while she moaned a bit. After a few minutes she grabbed my boxers and yanked them down. She then told me to lie down on her bed, and she proceeded to give me a hand job. She kept changing the rhythm and it was driving me crazy, but it was amazing when I orgasm. It shot up and landed on her boobs and stomach, which such force, I would have guessed I bruised her.

She then wiped my come off on something, and from behind I wrapped my hands behind her. I laid her down on her bed, and grabbed her black panties. I started to pull them down slowly, and for the first time I looked upon her pussy. I moved my hand to her pussy, and started to move my finger up and down her already wet pussy. I found her clit and rubbed it between my fingers, and got some satisfaction hearing her moan. After a bit of fingering, I moved down to my favourite spot, and started to rub my finger over her asshole. She suddenly grabbed my arm, and to my disappointment, moved my arm away from her ass. She said that she had something better, and she got off her bed and walked over to her dresser. She returned with a vibrator, and some lube, and said ever since our fun in history, she love to have something in her ass. She got on her hands an knees, and asked me to put it in. So I lube it up, and pushed it into her asshole. After I got that sorted out, I worked on her pussy. I started by just slowly moving my finger in and out, but I soon picked up the pace and was going pretty fast. She lasted for a short while after this. When she came, she nearly screamed and cummed all over my hand.

As she laid down, she asked me if I wanted to spend the night. I jumped at this, and we cuddled until we fell asleep. We did this for the number of weeks, even progressing a little further, until my parents came home. I contemplated starting a relationship with her, but sadly, it turns out her parents went to Britain to set up there house for when they moved.



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