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The Part Started at Eleven

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I am still single at 56, celibate right now but not by choice. I enjoy reading the stories on this website especially mutual masturbation stories when women talk about men taking them to pleasurable places in their bodies.


I was a very shy child; the summer I turned 11 I met a boy. He visited for 3 weeks next door at his grandfather's cottage. I watched him for 2 days and on the third day he walked over and introduced himself.

After that we spent almost every waking hour together. We were both interested in science, especially biology and astronomy. We went fishing very early in the morning, and stargazed late into the night. I felt all tingly as we huddled together under a blanket beneath the stars, and that is how I began to masturbate when I was eleven.

The 3 weeks ended too soon. I saw him every summer after that but it was not the same; he had a girlfriend from further down the lake. When he was 19 his grandfather sold the cottage.

Suddenly when I was 20 and in second year university I received a letter from him. He was asking me out on a date! The first date didn't go well; I was sick and not feeling well. I figured he'd never call again. But he surprised me.

He called, we went out for dinner and a movie, and I invited him up to my apartment. He kissed me and we ended up necking on my bed. I got really aroused. I asked him if he would like to get into bed, that I couldn't have sex with him because I was saving myself for marriage, but we could enjoy each other. We got undressed pretty quick and snuggled under the blankets. He brought me off rubbing my clit and when I asked him what I was supposed to do now he pressed his boner against me asked me to masturbate him. This was my first time to see cum. I touched it, it felt very sticky. He said he was sorry for getting it on me. I said, that was okay.

We had a date the next weekend and he made me cum by rubbing me. This orgasm was REALLY intense, REALLY unusual, all I could say was, 'Thank you. Oh, thank you, that felt so good! Thank you, thank you!'. I fell asleep and when I woke up the covers were off and he didn't have an erection. I had never actually SEEN a cock before except for my Dad. I didn't know what I was supposed to do for him. He started to stroke himself. It seemed to me at the time that he had a really big cock. I had felt a few guys in high school, and they weren't that big. I had seen my dad's penis before but this guy was much bigger than my dad. I was still really anxious about what he thought of me, I was chubby and I had small breasts and a lot of thick black pubic hair.

We lay side by side on the bed and kissed some more. I wanted him to rub me between my legs but I was too nervous to ask him. He was kissing me and fondling my small breasts which were kind of tender. His hand went down between my legs and then he started slowly and gently rubbing my clitoris. It felt SO good!

We kissed and he fingered me for awhile, then he put my hand on his penis and he wrapped my fingers around it and then he put his hand over mine and moved it up and down. This went on for a few minutes; we were still kissing. Then he stopped and put his head back with his eyes closed and he made this strange groaning noise. He shot cum on the inside of my thigh.

Then he got up and started to get dressed. I told him I wanted him to stay and I would be much better for him the next time.

We did this a few more times after dates but then, a few months later, our relationship cooled.

Now, I adore cocks. I like to see how men look when I stroke their dick. Knowing that I know how to make a cock & balls ejaculate gives me a great sense of power. I never did get married, I tried sex but it wasn't that great. I enjoy getting fingered, and I have done a lot of hand jobs over the years.

About ten years went by and I ran into him at the ballet. He was alone, he and his wife were fighting and living apart at the time. I invited him back to my apartment for coffee and we enjoyed another mutual masturbation session ... now, both of us much more experienced. This one lasted all night, I came SO MANY times and he took me places I had never been taken before. And we even enjoyed breakfast together before going our separate ways!

I haven't seen him in 25 years. I feel just SUCH a tingle thinking about that large cock in my hand! Why, I should look up his aunt & uncle who cottage nearby me...and have them get him to call me!



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