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The Parking Garage

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Ok, I'm 16, 5'7' and am pretty muscular since I work out everyday.

It all started one day when I was surfing this pic site online that I go to. You submit your pics and people rate them by how good you look and how nice your body is. I was checking out these hotties and commenting on their tits and it made me so horny that I was as hard as a rock. As I was fiddling with my schlong, a guy chatted to me and said 'nice body dude'. I was so horny that I chatted him back saying something like 'thanks man same to you.' We began talking about normal guy stuff like sex, girls, and jerking off. I took a look at his page and realized that he only lived fifteen minutes away from me! I let him know how close we lived to each other and he thought it would be a good idea for us to meet. I wasn't really sure, but I was thinking with my dick, and so we decided to go see a movie the next day.

The next night, 'Chris' came and picked me up. He looked just like he did in the picture. Good looking, 5'8' and skinny. During our drive we talked mostly about working out, sports, and his girlfriend. We got close to the movie theater and parked in a garage near the cinema. I thought it would be cool if we parked at the very top of the garage, which a lot of kids call 'The Roof'. We were twenty minutes early so we just sat in the car listening to music and talking. We got very comfortable with each other and started talking about sex, how far we've gone, and masturbation. I mentioned that I just shaved my cock and my balls smooth that morning. He laughed and said 'Your lucky I couldn't finish the job because my grandma walked in on me while I was shaving in the bathroom' I laughed and said, 'No Way'.

Then he smiled and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down a little so I could see his only half done shave job. I laughed and nonchalantly took a feel, first at the hairy part and then at the smooth shaved area along his shaft. He quivered, pulled his jeans down a little more and spread his legs. I don't know what came over me but I took my whole hand and slipped it down his tight briefs. I began cupping his balls and he started to moan. His dick was out, and it was about six and a half inches long, but it had a big curve in it. I grabbed hold of his cock with my right hand and was massaging his balls with my left. Chris's hands went straight for my jeans and pulled out my already hard and dripping seven and a half inch cock.

He marvelled over my 'Huge Wang' and perfect shave job. We would take turns jerking each other off, and then sometimes jerked each other off at the same time. He started stroking me at the same speed I was stroking him; his hands on my nuts brought a shiver down my spine. I kept jerking his shaft and gently rubbed his balls until he shouted, 'I'm ready to cum'. That's when I took my finger and placed it under his sack right above his ass and put pressure on it as I jerked his cock ferociously. He yelled 'Fassssssssttter' and splattered hot cum all over my forearm and neck. He took a breather and then started back up on me. I was so horny by this point that I was bucking my dick in and out of his hands. He then grabbed my throbbing cock real tight and jerked me with his big hands until I came all over my naked abs (somehow my shirt came off in the process).

With that all said and done, we were only 20 minutes late for the movie.



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