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The Papergirl

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When I was 13 the girl that delivered our newspaper lived right next door. Wendy was 15, and a big girl for her age. While she wasn't obese, she was a heavy-set girl who had a pretty face, and I had fantasized about seeing her naked (esp her breasts) for several years. We were friendly, but didn't hang out much together.
One summer afternoon I was home alone - mom was out shopping and I was just hanging out reading and watching TV since it was raining out. I had discovered masturbation about a year earlier and had already gotten myself off once already that day. At about 2:00 the doorbell rang and it was Wendy and her friend Carol (Carol lived down the street and she was younger than me, I think 10-11 yrs old at the time). As I approached the door I noticed that they were giggling and laughing about something, although I didn't know what. I opened the door and Wendy informed me she was collecting payment for that weeks' paper deliveries. Since it was raining I told them to come in as I had to find the envelope my mom kept the newspaper money in.
It took me a few minutes and when I came back to the foyer they were giggling and laughing even more. I gave Wendy the envelope and asked her and Carol what was so funny. They looked at each other and nervously giggled some more, and then Wendy told me they had found a bag full of dirty magazines on the side of the road while they were delivering their papers. She took the bag out of the newspaper sack she was carrying and let me peer inside, and just looking at the covers made me instantly hard. They weren't just the run of the mill Playboy and Penthouse; they were very hardcore, with titles ranging from Come Together and Group Fun to Little Playmates and Let's Be Friends. Wendy said they were going back to her house to look at the magazines in her basement since her mom was at work and wouldn't be back for several hours, and she asked if I wanted to come and look at them too. Of course I was no fool and said sure, grabbed my coat and followed them next door.
We were all pretty excited (to say the least.) as we descended the stairs to the basement. Wendy had a nice house, and the basement was finished. I remember the long black couch with matching easy chair that faced a TV on the far wall. We flung off our coats and I sat on the floor as they sat next to each other on the couch. Wendy was wearing a tight fitting pink tank top, and her bra straps were visible since the tank top had similar straps. She also had on a rather tight fitting pair of cutoff jean shorts. Her long blonde hair was wet, and she was a bit flushed. I also noticed that her nipples were hard under her shirt/bra. Carol was wearing a striped tshirt (red and white) and a pair of non-descript, loose fitting jeans. She had short brown hair (also wet) and deep brown eyes, and glasses. Her body had yet to begin developing, however she was VERY cute. I was wearing only a pair of blue gym shorts and a white tshirt, and only beach sandals on my feet.
Wendy ceremoniously dumped the magazines out of the bag onto the floor, and we each grabbed one immediately. It was actually pretty funny how quickly we each reacted. The one I picked up was Little Playmates, and it depicted teens of various ages doing different things together - no intercourse or oral sex, but scenes of them undressing and touching each other all over, and some of an older boy masturbating in front of a group of girls. As we each flipped through our magazines there was lots of 'OH MY GOD!' And 'Look at THIS!' And 'I can't believe their doing THAT!' For about 15 minutes we looked over each other's shoulders, sat next to each other and continued to express our amazement at what we were seeing.
I was of course very hard and very excited, so much so that it showed clearly through my shorts. It didn't take long for Wendy to notice and she blatantly pointed at my crotch and said 'Carol, Pete has a hardon - look!' At that point I actually wanted them to see it, and I was dying to take it out and play with myself. So I said 'have you guys ever seen a naked guy before' and they both instantly said NO. That sent my mind racing. Then I had an idea. I said - 'Let's play strip poker'. At first they were both very hesitant, but I kept prodding them, telling them it would be fun, and it wouldn't be any harm, etc. After a few minutes of this they relented and said ok, and Wendy went and got a deck of cards. When she came back I found out neither of them knew how to play, so we decided we would each draw a card, and whoever had the low card had to take off a piece of clothing. I made them take off their sneakers, but they got to keep their socks on and count them as 1 item.
The first hand Wendy lost, and off came the socks. I lost next and had to take off my shirt (I only had 3 chances before I got naked - shirt, shorts and underwear). Then Wendy lost again, and she took a really long time before she finally took off her tank top, and I got to see my first girl in a bra. Her breasts were very large for her age - and her bra was very lacy, and had a front hook. She held her arms across her chest so I couldn't see very well, and she was blushing a lot. Then Carol lost the next THREE hands, and I was in heaven. She was wearing a little training bra, and she only had a little hint of any development. When she took off her pants she looked over at me and I had begun to rub my crotch, I guess unconsciously, through my shorts, and she smiled. Her panties were real tight, and cute. They were briefs that came up just below her bellybutton, and there were pictures of little brown pairs on them. Wendy lost next and again hesitated before she finally took off her shorts. She was wearing a pair of pink bikini panties, with a lacy waistband. I was the (un)lucky loser of the next 2 hands, and it was time for me to take off my shorts and underpants. I didn't hesitate at all. The shorts came down with no problem, and both girls were staring at my very evident erection in my underpants. When I lost the next hand and took off my underwear, and my cock sprang out to their whispered comments of 'oh my god.!' Wendy was blushing even more, and then I said, 'Let's keep playing ok? If I lose I have to do what you say, and if you lose you just keep taking off your clothes'. They really didn't want to keep playing since they got to see me naked already, but I finally convinced them I would do ANYTHING.
Next hand I pulled an Ace, Wendy had a queen and Carol had a 10. Carol was a very good sport and quickly took off her bra. Even though she didn't really have any breasts yet, her nipples were pretty big and puffy, and made me even hornier. Onto the next hand and Wendy drew another queen and thought she had won, until Carol and I both pulled Kings! She was pissed, but was also a good sport and took off her bra. Her tits were magnificent - at least a 36C with large pink areolas and nipples like pencil erasers.
So the game progressed. I lost next and they told me they wanted to see me play with myself for 30 seconds. So I sat on the couch, with them on the floor in front of me, and VERY slowly jacked off. It took all my self-control not to come. Carol lost the next hand, and I saw my first completely naked female! She was smooth down below, but didn't make any effort to shield herself from me. Now it was me and Carol naked, and Wendy in just her panties. Carol lost again, and I told her I wanted her to touch my penis for 30 seconds. We sat next to each other on the couch, and she kept putting her hand close to my cock and then pulling back and giggling. This went on for about 2 minutes when she finally grabbed hold, and tight! I told her to loosen up and showed her how to stroke it up and down. As she did I looked down and Wendy had her hand inside her panties and was playing with herself, and she had her eyes closed slightly and was moaning very softly. As Carol continued she stopped giggling and I reached into her lap and put my finger against her pussy. She gasped and sat back, letting go of me. I saw that as my chance and I leaned forward and started to finger her, the best I knew how. She was very wet, and I didn't insert my finger but rather rubbed up and down her slit. In no time her legs were bucking frantically and then she squeezed her legs tightly around my hand and arm (like a vice!) and let out a long sigh/moan, and then slumped back on the couch. As this was happening, Wendy had found her way on the other side of me, sat down and removed her panties. She looked at me all flushed and asked me if I could do that to her. She sat back and spread her legs very wide, and I got a full view of what a vagina looks like. She had quite abit of pubic hair, and very wet. She took my hand and guided it downstairs, and showed me how to rub her in her 'special spot'. As I leaned over and did this, my throbbing cock was pressed against the outside of her upper thigh, and I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum.
As I worked her with my left hand, I placed my right on her breast and kneaded and squeezed. She, like Carol, came in a matter of just a few minutes and she was much more vocal, groaning very loud and thrashing about as she orgasmed. All 3 of us settled back on the couch, naked, with me in the middle and still stiff as a flagpole. The rest lasted all of about 1 minute when Wendy slipped down off the couch and sat directly in front of me and took hold of my cock and began to stroke it like she had done it 1000 times before. Looking down at her beautiful tits and her hand working me was heaven, and then Carol reached over and began to fondle my testicles. This was more than the 13 yr old boy that I was could handle, and I ejaculated like I never had before (or have since). I sent out at least 5 long streams of sperm, each one landing at the base of Wendy's neck and all over her breasts until her entire chest was pretty much covered with come. I had many more contractions that caused semen to gurgle out of my cock all over both their hands. I had made quite a mess, and they weren't very upset about it, surprisingly. Wendy walked into the laundry room to get a towel, and even after my intense orgasm I noticed her base ass wiggle away and more naughty thoughts came to mind.
After we cleaned up we dressed and talked for a while. I found out that neither of them really had ever been with a boy before, but they HAD masturbated before (Carol said she had just started that summer, Wendy said she had done it since she was 9). We got together once more that summer (in the woods behind our houses with the same stack of magazines.) before Wendy and her family moved away to Colorado in the fall. Carol lived in the neighborhood until we both went to college, but since we were almost 4 years apart in age we didn't spend much time hanging out together.
That was the first, best and most intense sexual experience of my life.



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