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The Painful Lust for my Mrs. Despain

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Hey guys yet another wonderful story of my fantasy people


Ahh what a wonderful day...oh I am telling you a story not about my day..sorry bout that. I was sitting in school and well a few months back my teacher got a student teacher her name was Mrs. Despain. Mrs. Brantley is probly the best teacher and has one of the most beautiful daughters I know.

Mrs. Despain is one of those girls who have nice breasts I am guessing a b-c cup breast size, and a nice ass. I can remember sometimes when she stood a certain way with jeans it kind of gave her a cammel toe. She also has a wonderful smile and beautiful eyes.

Although everyone hates me cause I am a little overweight they have no idea what I have in store. To give you a little visual effect im about 5,9 and my dick is about 3 inches soft and about 7 inches when hard.

I despise the fact that I hang out with not the very popular crowd and I sit in the back and admire from afar. I have always been rejected and that is why my best friend is my hand. Anyways Mrs. Depsain has the most beautiful body I have ever seen. Nice perky breasts, a nice ass and a wonderful mouth. Every time she passes out paper and walks by me, I want to just slap her on the butt or give her a kiss.

One day I will never forget is when we went to the Renaissance festival for a school trip. It was wonderful... I saw a drinking glass that someone had and I really wanted one but I could not find where to buy it. Turns out on our way back I was sitting behind Mrs. Despain and she had one of those glasses. She was sitting down and I not only got a good view of her ass but saw a little down her shirt. Well she handed me the glass and asked me to hold it. I gladly said yes and was holding it she was turning around to grab it but instead said If I wanted it I could have it so I said thank you and kept it. Well it used a straw so I got a drink from it after savoring the taste of her lips.

On the final day of her term of being a student teacher she had to leave. Well everyone was giving her hugs and it was my turn well, I had a raging hard on and so when I gave her a hug I was sure that I put my face sideways on her breast and I am almost positive I could feel her hard tittie on my face. Then I kind of pushed my pelvic area foward a bit so that, my dick pressed against the general area of her pussy.

Later that day I went home and shut my door, after telling my parents I was 'doing my homework' I pulled out the good old vaseline and used that as lube. I started stroking my 7 inch dick slowly and then got the image in my head and imagined Mrs. Despain going home and taking off her clothes and rubbing her pussy after feeling my dick rub against her. That threw me over the edge and 4 thick bubbling ropes of cum shot out of my dick and landed on the wooden floor. I quickly cleaned that up and went to do my real homework.

I hope that the girls in my school or class read this, and even if Mrs. Despain read this. It would be so cool if they came up to me and confronted me about it and wanted to 'Jack off together' or get a 'view' That would make my day.

Well guys it is december so Merry christmas. AND HAPPY JILLING!



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