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The Pain of Distance

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For the Star.


When the one you love is thousands of miles away, no means of communication is enough. The thing that is missing is the touch, the feel, the smell. All of it. When I see her through the computer screen, I can't smell her, or kiss her. The closest I can feel is when we get off together, but thousands of miles away. After our brightness nearly died out, but was re-ignited, I was finally able to go to bed. My legs were tired, my head was sore, we had gone through a lot. I tried thinking of her then, in bed, but I was too exhausted to do anything that night. After a restless night of sleep, I woke up in the morning, mostly refreshed. And that's when I closed my eyes and conjured up my fantasy of what I wish I could do with her, if we were not apart.

Her eyes were wide with anticipation, as I leaned in to kiss her. I haven't kissed her in a month and a half. It was pure bliss, so smooth and soft her lips feel; I still haven't forgotten how they feel. Warm and tingly, it spread like fire through my veins and I grabbed her around her back, pulling her into me. We both moaned into each other's mouth, I held her close. I could smell her, the way she always does, hear her breathing. I felt the contours of her back, the shoulder blades and the spine. As I played with her tongue in my mouth I began to get hard, and I felt intoxicated by how good her mouth and lips felt on mine. I put my hand on her stomach, over her shirt, and moved up over her breast, gently caressing over her clothes.

I leaned her back onto the mattress, on her back, leaning into her and I slightly ground myself in to her and she moaned slightly as I did. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it off, and we had to break our kiss. I moved my hands under her clothes, feeling the warmth of her body. I moved up, to feel her soft breast, touching the nipple, and feeling her gasp with pleasure as it hardens in response; and I am getting so turned on. Then I took off her shirt and there she lay topless, and I put my hand over her breast, feeling her nipple on my palm, lightly squeezing; all this while I kissed and lightly nipped at her neck, feeling her squirm beneath me. I took my other hand, and I moved down her abdomen, to her crotch, and started to caress her there. She moaned more, moaning 'Oh God' and my name. It isn't more pleasurable than usual, it's just that we haven't had contact in so long, and we missed each other SO much. I took her pants off, and she demanded I take mine off, and so I did. I laid down next to her, and teased her opening and her clit over her panties, she loves that. She loves the feel of the fabric in between her vagina and the fingers. Then I put my hands down her underwear and took my index finger and stroked just where she likes it. I put my finger just before her entrance, and I felt her wetness coming from there. I got up next, and took her vibrator with the remote control, and I put it on her, and I turned it on. When I did, she arched her back in pleasure, and I saw it on her face. Over time, she got more and more into it, bucking her hips into the vibrator. And then she pauses, the deep breath before the plunge and her back lifted off the ground and she gasps 'Oh Fuck!' as her orgasm ripped through her. I felt her pulsing on my hand and that turned me on so much.

She wanted to return the favor, and she did. And when I came, the orgasm felt like heaven.

And in reality, in my bed in the morning, that is when I came, and it felt so real. I wish all of that had been real. But soon, in just three months or so when I visit her, I will be able to replay that fantasy for real.



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