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The Other Day at the Gym...

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Long time reader (since 2000, when I was in eighth grade and thirteen years old), first time writer. I decided that it was finally time to contribute something after all of the years of great masturbation stories and memories, and something hot enough to contribute finally happened to me the other day at the gym ... Your site was one of the first that came up in a search that I did on 'Masturbation', and has been one of the staples of my erotic life ever since, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the great work that you guys do...Keep it up SoloTouch! The world would be a better place with more people in it like you...


My story is the utter and complete truth, unlike some of the obviously made up stories on here. Not that the obviously fictional stories are bad in any way, in fact some of them are some of the best stories on here. Also, I apologize in advance for the length.

Anyway, my story starts three weeks ago when I decided to go to the gym on a normal Wednesday afternoon between my classes. Since I have a four hour gap between my classes, it is usually easy for me to go to the gym, get in a quick workout and hang out in the pool/spa area, and have a quick jerk in the showers before I go grab lunch with plenty of time to get back to school before my next class.

On this particular day, I was horny as hell, and I abbreviated my workout so that I could get on to the 'good part'. I stripped off my sweaty workout clothes and went for a shower. After the shower, I went and hung out in the spa for a good 15-20 minutes or so, and took about 5-10 minutes to cool down and re-hydrate myself after my spa session. Then I went in to the dry heat sauna room in the guy's locker room, and that is where the story truly begins...

When I got into the sauna room, there was a black guy in there already, on the lighter end of the skin spectrum, about my age, and he was a little taller than me and a lot lighter than me weight wise, because it was obvious that he worked out a lot and had well defined muscles (I'm 5'9' and weigh 185lbs, so I'm guessing that he was maybe about 6' and weighed about 150lbs). The most striking thing about him though was that he was completely naked and harder than hell. Let me tell you, this guy was the living embodiment of every stereotype you have heard about black guys, because he was hung like a horse, he had to be at least nine inches fully hard. I was skeptical that they came in that size, never having seen one that big before, but having seen it now, was forced to believe that the rumors we all hear so often are actually true. He was also circumcised like me, however unlike me; his equipment was completely shaved bald. I had experimented with shaving myself with an ex-girlfriend before, since I am a fairly hairy guy, but I didn't like the itchiness of the hair growing back so quickly. Anyways back to my story...

Since I myself was naked, although soft, at the time (six inch hard circumcised penis, although with a thick bush of black hair, the living embodiment of average), the first question out of my mouth was obviously about the size of his equipment. He was coy at first saying that he didn't know how big it was, but I flat refused to believe that he had never measured it, because if we were to admit it, every guy on the face of the planet has measured themselves at one time or another and I said as much to him. He eventually gave me the size of nine inches though, so I left it at that. Looking back now, it is obvious that he was in the middle of jerking off, and that I interrupted him, that he was a bit of an exhibitionist, and may even have been hoping to get caught, but I was honestly completely clueless at the time. Eventually, he continued to slowly and subtly masturbate himself, and I started to get hard watching him. He told me to slide over on the bench next to him, as the door was clear glass that led out into the locker room and that somebody might see me. So I did, and he reached out to tug on and jerk my rapidly hardening penis, and took this as the green light for me to reach over and begin to masturbate his monster of a cock. It was amazingly soft and smooth, like velvet, but hard as steel at the exact same time.

Eventually, another, much older (probably in his 50s) Latino gentleman came into the sauna room in his swim shorts so we had to stop for the moment, No, we didn't get caught, as the door frame was wooden and kind of sticks when you try to open or close it, so we had about 2 seconds to get our hands off of each others cocks before anyone came in. The older gentleman stayed for maybe 5 or 10 sexually charged minutes. It was easy to see that I and my new friend with the monster cock were hard, so looking back on it now he probably picked up on the vibe in the room, and eventually he left. Then I said to my new friend that I was getting way too hot in the sauna and that we should go in the showers to finish up. But I had a favor to ask of my new friend first, could he go and grab me a water bottle from the machines by the front door of the gym? I was feeling a little dehydrated and dizzy, and he had basketball shorts and an undershirt and flip-flops with him, and all of my stuff was in my locker. He said sure and went to go buy the water. I went to the first shower stall in a line of about half a dozen and started to take a cool shower and to soap up and lube up my cock, awaiting his return. I made sure to leave the curtain open the tiniest crack so that when he walked by he could see in and know it was me.

Eventually, he came back with my water, and I, wanting to show him how grateful I was, began to jack his monster of a cock again, and he reciprocated. He was soon at full mast again, as was I, and again I marveled to myself at his sheer size, as I could barely fit my hand around his enormous girth. I could have gone on like this for a good long while, but all too soon he began to make the almost unconscious hip-thrusting movements that I recognized in myself when I was about to cum. I increased my pace and concentrated on the head of his monster cock, and soon, with a guttural groan, he was cumming hard. He gushed torrent after torrent of hot white cum all over my hand, his chest and belly, my chest and belly, and my cock. It was everywhere, and I had honestly never seen so much cum before in my life. It was obvious that he needed to come badly. After he came, he continued to masturbate me, but I told him that we were even, after all, he went and got the water for me right? It seemed like this was what he was waiting to hear, so he quickly left. After he left I continued to masturbate myself, using his cum as my lube, until I too, after only a short while, groaned and came in torrents, one of my biggest loads ever (it had been a few days for me as well, and I also needed to cum pretty bad). After I got out of the shower, he was already gone from the locker room. I didn't see him at the gym again, and I doubt I ever will, but I will always be grateful to him for the experience that we shared together. Reliving this memory with you all has made me so hot and hard and horny, I have to go and jerk off now... Two weeks later a similar incident happened to me in the sauna but that is a story for the next installment...



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