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The Open Secret

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I'm a normal, happily married, 44-year-old male with two children, a boy and a girl, in their early teens. In our Midwestern town of 60,000, we have a gym that I've heard about from time to time. People call it the 'special gym' although of course it has a real name: Community Fitness Center. When people have mentioned it, they seem to sort of smile, and have a somewhat unfathomable expression on their faces, as if there is some sort of open secret about the place. The only thing I knew about it was that children weren't allowed, which I felt was a good thing, the place would be quieter and more sedate, I figured.

So being curious, and a bit fed up with how busy the Y has become, screaming kids and all that, I went over there to take a look one day. Got the tour. All seemed regular, except the person showing me around didn't seem to want to show me into the locker rooms. I was OK with that.

The guide did insinuate, sort of, that the locker rooms were particularly fun, but I didn't catch his meaning at the time.

I did notice however, that all the members, male and female were much more friendly than at the Y, as if they were all at least neighbors or something. I liked that. The adults don't really speak to each other much while exercising at the Y.

So I signed up. Just before signing, the guide asked me something rather weird. He wondered if I was OK if members should go a bit far with nudity in the locker rooms. I said sure. (I didn't say that in fact I'd rather enjoy that.) He asked if I were to happen upon a member masturbating, would that be OK? I was a bit taken aback by the word 'masturbating' actually being mentioned by a relative stranger in that context, but I said, 'Sure, if it happens, I'll be just fine with it.' I was starting to get an idea that this membership would be interesting indeed!

So my first day there, I learned the 'open secret.' Boy, did I learn the open secret! I arrived at the gym the way I used to come to the Y, dressed for exercise, with a clean shirt, change of underwear, deodorant, and my own towel in my gym bag. I used the machines. They were a different than the Y, but I rather liked them.

Then it was time to shower and head home. I went into the mens locker room. Surprise number 1: There was a naked woman in there! I felt my heart jump into my throat. I almost ran back out the door, thinking I had somehow stepped into the ladies locker room, but then I also noticed two men in there. Hmmm, how forward of her!

One of the men saw the look of shock, almost fright on my face, as well as something else, since she was a good looking, rather thin and fit, 20-something year old brunette, shaved in just the right place, if you know what I mean. Not bad! Anyway, the man explained something to me. 'I can see you're new here. There's something about this gym you don't know: No one pays attention to the 'Men' and 'Women' signs on the locker rooms. Everyone uses whichever locker room they want.'

Wow! I liked this gym immediately! So I showered, she finished dressing and left, one of the men combed his hair and left, and the other man showered. As I was getting dressed, I happened to notice the other man wasn't dressing. Instead, he was slowly, leisurely stroking himself on one of the benches. He was actually masturbating in a public locker room! So, what the guide said was, well, hmm... true. He saw me glance at him and just went right on stroking his very hard cock which looked rather short, because he was, let's say politely, a bit overweight. He was quite balding, and older than me too. But his proud penis was sure hard. I actually found him rather attractive in a way, sitting there and so brazenly jerking off. And after a minute, he came on his towel. I don't think I've seen another man come, live and in person, since my college days.

I suppose I could have sat down then and there and jerked off, but somehow I was too chicken to do so. But you can bet I beat off the minute I got home.

That evening in bed, I told my wife everything. I figured she'd end this wonderful adventure immediately by forbidding me to maintain my membership. But, surprise, surprise, she did the opposite. 'I've gotta see this for myself. Can you get a guest pass?'

My wife has always been one for adventures, always full of surprises, but this even surpassed my expectations of her.

So two days later, I'm back in the gym with my wife. I watched and watched the ladies locker room door, and sure enough, after a while a man went in. (There's no way I'd go in there if I wasn't absolutely sure it was OK to do so, so I was making sure.) After my wife and I were done with our workout, we went into the ladies room together. And here's what we saw...

There were three men in there and two women. One woman and two of the men were sitting straddle style on benches, looking, actually staring, at each other, and stroking for all they were worth. All three were just a bit overweight, which made me feel good about my own body, which I have to admit is 20 pounds heavier than I'd like. One man was perhaps 20 years old, one was maybe 55, and the woman was hard to tell, perhaps around 45. The other two people were in different stages of locker room activity, one at the sink, the other just entering the shower area.

And my wife, my wonderful wife, stripped off her stuff, sat right down on a bench facing those three, and without missing a beat, started stroking her clit, arching her back, smiling, and just joined right in!

This, of course, meant that I could pull off my shorts and start jerking too. Otherwise, I'm afraid I might have been too shy, even though all indications were that I was 100% invited to join in!

So I did, and came within seconds. One of the men said, 'That was fast,' with a smile on his face.

Well, that was a year ago. I go to the gym three times a week, and jerk off in the locker room almost every time. I have become friends, really good friends, with several of the members, male and female, as has my wife. It's as if we are all one happy family sharing the 'Open Secret.'



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