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The One That Got Away?.....My Fantastic Sexy ex......

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Was she the best one ever....?


I guess she was the first real love of my adult life....I had previous girlfriends including Steph and Chris I have written about but Jen was the first who was really, really special...potentially more than just a girlfriend......... I was 22, living away from home and single, one day by the local supermarket car park I saw this girl, Jen, as one of her carrier bags handles broke and her shopping rolled onto the ground. I helped her pick stuff up and said I'd carry them to her car and she thanked me but said she was going to the bus stop and would be fine. She had a lovely smile and just the slightest of lisps which sounded so sexy.

It had just started to rain lightly. I said I was just about to leave as I had only gone to get cash out and could I give her a lift home. After a couple of seconds she said that would be so kind and that she only lived about a mile away and she told me which road, I said yes I knew that as my doctors surgery was there, she laughed and said her father was a GP and they lived in the house attached to the surgery. She had just finished uni and was living back at home looking for a job, which I told myself explained why I hadn't seen her around before cos she was beautiful and I would have remembered her. She was a few months older than me with long brown hair, brown eyes and an attractive figure, not skinny but not fat and a confident casual style, when I drove her home I already had a boner and hoped she wouldn't notice.

When I dropped her off she thanked me again and said I had saved her from getting wet and worrying about spilling the shopping again, she gave me her number and said she would love to buy me a thank-you drink if I was ever at a loose end. I needed to go home and wank off. Of course I called her and we dated for over a year....so why was she so special? She was attractive and had lots of self confidence, she knew she wasn't perfect but could live with her flaws and try and rectify her faults the main one of which was also a virtue...she always said it as it was....you never wondered what she really thought cos she told you straight. She had had boyfriends at uni and was still a virgin but enjoyed sex in an open and active way just insisting that her actual virginity was a final gift to her future husband.

On our second date we were cuddling in the cinema and she moved my hand and held it on her boob, it was a quick progression for me to discover that when aroused her nipples were the longest and hardest I had ever known and, she said, quite sensitive. We stopped on the drive home and I kissed and sucked them as she wanked me off.

On our next date I went in and met her parents who became so kind and supportive of our friendship. We walked into town and got back around midnight and Jen said we could say goodbye inside rather than by the side door, which opened into a hall with the surgery rooms on one side and the family house through another door. She said to go into the first examination room that was just a couch and sink, we kissed and I undid her top and bra and she wanked me off into the sink so the cum could be rinsed away.

I had a friend who worked at the cinema and he could get us in free or at the most half price so it was very convenient for us. A few days later we went to watch an afternoon film and sat in the corner near the back, Jen was unusually wearing jeans and as we cuddled she undid mine and also her own. She was already wet and horny when I fingered her and she kissed me then squeezed her muscles before wanking me off into the tissues I now always carried.

At the weekend I had to use a transit van and deliver some work stuff late Saturday afternoon and Jen was happy to come with me, it was about two hours away and getting dark as we were driving home. We picked up a McDonalds and pulled into the car park area of a closed industrial estate to eat them and then we started kissing and cuddling. Jens blouse was fully undone and she had wriggled out of her bra, I kissed her boobs and those gorgeous nipples and was gently rubbing her pussy when she said she wanted me to kiss her everywhere and I repeated "everywhere?" and she said yes.

She lifted her bum off the seat and helped me take off her skirt and panties then she moved right over to the side of the bench seat so I could move away from the drivers seat. I was half kneeling on the floor as she raised herself upwards so I could lick and kiss her pussy, she rubbed her clit and came telling me how good it felt. Very soon afterwards her hand brought my cum spurting out and we just hugged each other before getting dressed and going home.

The next time we saw a film the cinema was nearly empty and we sat away from anyone else. Jen got my dick out and instead of wanking me she leant over and sucked me till I was just about to cum then she finished me off by hand.....she was so sexy it was often impossible to know what she was going to do next. After that when we said our goodbyes in the surgery's examination room she liked to lay on the couch and suck my dick as I stood at her side and played with her pussy

About six weeks later she got offered a job about 50 miles away and she moved into a shared house with her own en-suite bedroom. Her fathers GP practice had a group fuel account and he rarely went anywhere to justify his share of the cost so he said I could always drive his car when I went to visit her which was usually twice a week, we were getting pretty serious and both of us got on well with each others families. Jen had landed a good job and apart from us no longer being in the same town she was very happy. Having the privacy of her own room made for some sexy stay overs, there had been very few occasions when we had seen each other totally naked and even then it had always been rushed but Jen changed that.

My first proper visit was one evening after we had both finished work, she closed the curtains and locked the door and said she wanted us to explore each others bodies, we lay naked cuddling and kissing each other everywhere, I loved having her boobs and nipples pressing against me and then sucking them and her pussy as she lay on her bed. She wanked and sucked my dick and let me fuck her boobs so she could see my dick pushing in and out towards her face before I came. We were in no hurry, the evening was ours and she was so horny, still naked we drank coffee and talked, me sitting on a chair and Jen on a big bean bag that she had brought with her. She was deliberately sitting so that she could open and close her legs and sort of flash her pussy, even tho I had been eating it about an hour earlier it was still so hot seeing it.

She laughed and asked me how far inside it I could see and I said just the outer fleshy lips, she told me she kept a small torch in her bedside cabinet and if I got it I could look properly. This was totally unexpected but in a few seconds she was holding herself wide open as I shone a torch up her pussy and told her what it looked like.......nice pink juicy flesh lol. I squeezed onto the bean bag beside her and finger-fucked her to orgasm before she wanked me off onto her tummy.

One other visit was particularly memorable, I had collected her from work and on the way home we had stopped on some waste ground near an industrial complex by the side of a motorway, not cos it was pretty just cos it was isolated. I had borrowed her fathers car which has leather seats, she took her panties off and reclined the seat and I finger fucked her as the cars flew past, when she came she cried out and then kissed me and said it had been so intense...a combination of the person..me and the location..outside in public ...and that we had not seen each other for about a week. She returned the favour on me and was happy for the cum to spurt up onto my t-shirt and dribble a little onto the car seats as she could wipe them easily.

When we got back to her room we ate a take-away and then both took showers watching each other as it was no way big enough for us to shower together...we had tried previously... We didn't bother dressing and sat on the bed talking and just body caressing rather than foreplay sex. Jen asked me how often I wanked myself off and I said maybe twice a day..usually thinking of her. She said that was nice and she wanted us to watch each other masturbate so we could imagine each other when we were apart....sounded hot to me. At first we tried with both of us on the bed but it didn't work well so I moved onto her beanbag sort of sitting on it with my legs out straight and she plumped up the pillows and lay on the bed.... legs bent and wide open. We had no hang-ups about our bodies but it was a bit weird and so horny watching her masturbate and tell me how she felt, we wanted it to be like a slow wank rather than cum as soon as possible but this was easier said than done for me. We had agreed that neither of us would touch each other on this occasion but when Jen could see that I was building up she asked me to cum on her tummy and when I did it was the final sensation that triggered her own orgasm.

After that evening when I was alone it was my favourite mental picture when I wanked off, especially if we were talking on the phone. I have many memories of our time together but another one in particular illustrates Jen's attitude to spontaneous fun............one winters evening I had been working late and she text me and said her mum was offering to make me supper and her dad was out on a call. We had supper in the main room with Jen and me sitting on the sofa in front of a roaring coal fire, we had hugged and kissed when I arrived and Jen ...as often happened...had brushed my dick with her hand and whispered hello to it. Her mum was with us and we were all chatting, her mum went to get some more coffee and Jen rested her hand in my lap and rubbed my dick which grew and grew and grew, I managed to move it so it was pointing upwards flat against my tummy and this way it was hidden by my sweater.

We get our coffee and a few minutes later her mum says she has a new dvd upstairs and will go and get it for me to borrow, as soon as she left the room Jen whispered not to say anything as she undid my zip and got my boner out, she already had some tissues in her hand and gave me the quickest wank I have ever had. The pressure of maybe being caught and the unexpectedness all added to the intense orgasm I felt as my cum spurted into the tissues which were immediately thrown onto the fire as I put my dick away and zipped up. Jen leant over and kissed me as her mum came back down the stairs totally unaware of why we both looked so happy.

So why did we split?....long story but after several interviews I was selected to attend a years industry-professional course at a college over 250 miles away. Jen supported my application but the reality of me being selected put a strain on our relationship as she feared it would lead to a long painful break-up. She ended up giving me an ultimatum of either we got married straight away or we split straight away. Much as I had expected us to marry eventually it was too early and the timing was all wrong but she would not alter so I choose to have a clean and permanent break. How many times have I wondered about that decision.........



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