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The Office Party

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A few drinks can make a person lose their inhibitions.


After reading some wonderful stories here, I thought that I would also contribute a story of my own. I am a businesswoman and some 42 years young. This story took place at a Christmas work function on Christmas Eve, 3 years ago.

For the first time since my marriage, I attended our annual Christmas dinner as a single person. Earlier in the year, I had gone through an ugly divorce (aren't they all ugly) and had been wary about starting up another relationship too soon. Rebound relationships rarely ever work out in the long term so I thought I would wait a while longer before socializing again.

In the office where I work, there are 97 personnel, ranging from the Manager to the junior staff. In all my years at this company, I had never flirted once with the opposite sex, even though I had had a few approaches. Being married, I was always quick to tell them I was not available.

This office party which took place in 2005 started around 6.30 with appetizers and aperitifs. The main meal was around 7.30 and a band was hired to play music and there was also a dance floor. After a couple of daiquiris, I started to let my hair down metaphorically and began to mix in with the other staff members and socialize. There was one young trainee Administrative Officer who was barely 18 who stopped to chat with me. He was friendly enough so I spent a few minutes with him until the main dinner began.

After the eating had concluded, some people got up and danced. I joined in for a little while until I needed a rest. While having another daiquiri on the couch, this junior trainee came and sat down beside me. I asked him where his partner was, and he replied that he was shy with women and didn't have a girlfriend. I asked him if he had ever had a girlfriend before and he said no. I then had to ask him the dumb question, 'Are you a virgin?' He became somewhat embarrassed and replied that he was.

Our conversation proceeded well and I told him its only a matter of confidence and that a good looking handsome lad like himself should have no problems getting a girlfriend. As I was sipping another daiquiri, I noticed that he was only drinking non-alcoholic punch as he was a non-drinker and non-smoker. I told him they were admiral qualities for a young lad and that women appreciate such people.

By now it was 10.30 and time to go home. I was feeling just a little worse for wear and knew it was time to go home. I also knew that if caught by the police, that I would blow over 0.5 and be booked. I asked Tom (my new friend) how he got here and he said he came by taxi as his car was off the road at the moment. It was then I asked him if he could drive me home as he hadn't been drinking. He said 'Sure I would, where do you live?'

It turned out that he lived quite close to where I lived. I told him my address and we both made separate, but quiet exits from the hall to the car park. I got into the passenger side and he took my keys and got into the driver's seat. I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I knew I was in my driveway with Tom beside me. He said 'You are awake at last Candice'

'What's the time Tom' I asked, trying to orient myself.

'1.30am in the morning' he replied.

'Oh, shit, I've been asleep for nearly 3 hours' was my comment. 'How come you are still here and haven't gone home yet?'

'I couldn't leave you here all alone in your car like this' was his reply. Tom had wonderful manners and an admiral disposition.

Tom said how he was looking at me while I was asleep and how beautiful and peaceful I looked. He even passed a comment that when he finds a girl friend that she is as attractive and as nice as me. I can still remember leaning over and putting my arm around him and kissing him. He was a bit taken back by my advances and didn't have the experience to do anything about it. I kissed him again and he reciprocated. My left hand dropped down to his crotch and I could feel a bulge in his pants and it was getting harder by the second. I started rubbing gently from outside his pants and he said if I kept doing that, that he would have an accident.

For the first time in many months I was as horny as hell, not full realizing the gravity of the situation; with a youth less than half my age. I pulled my dress up and took his hand and placed it on my pubic mound outside my panties. As I was starting to moisten, I then placed his hand under the elastic and onto my trimmed pussy.

Tom was nervous and I naturally had to take the lead. I unzipped his pants and reached inside his jocks and pulled out a super hard cock. As I started to rub n his cock and feel it grow even bigger in my hand, I spread my legs wider so he could finger my pussy. It wasn't very long before he got too excited and deposited ropes of hot sticky cum all over my evening dress.

I asked him that we should finish this inside and not in the car. As it was too late for him to walk home, I suggested that he stay here with me for the night. What happened after that is another story and not about masturbation.



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