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The Nude Beach

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When I was 16 I was extremely horny most of the time. My parents where nudists (still are now) and that made me a nudist too. During summer break my parents and I where going on vacation and where going to a nude beach. Because my brother was away with friend I could bring one friend. He didn't mind the nudity and wanted to join our vacation.

One day at the beach we where sitting on a blanket playing GameBoy when I somehow got horny and got an erection. I had to cover this up so I was gonna lie on my belly. I was still playing the GameBoy with my friend (linked with cables). After a few minutes he wanted to go into the pool for a little swim and he asked me if I would join. Because I was still erected I told him we should finish the game first. He didnt know about my erection, so he almost begged me to oin him.

After another few minutes of begging the batteries of my GameBoy went dead. So he told me I could swim now. I was still having the erection and it wouldnt get down though I said 'okay.' Luckily the swimming pool was empty and it was only a few moments away.

I got up and took my towel and started to run to the pool in one single motion. My friend also got up and started to run to get me. I dropped the towel quickly and jumped into the water, hoping my erection would go down because of the water temperature. My friend also jumped in the pool and started to try and drown me for fun.

Because my friend was a sport swimmer I didnt get a chance to fight back, and I still was trying to cover my erect penis. I was drowned a few times when he made the discovery. He looked at me and whispered, 'You got an erection?' I told him I had one since we got up and hadn't anything to do with the water fighting, I also said I wanted to get rid of it fast before someone else sees it.

He got out of the water and told me to follow him. He would look if

anyone saw us so I could run to the toilets. We did. I quickly entered the toilets and luckily they where empty, too. I entered a cabin and let my friend in, too. He told me, 'Let me get that erection down' and started to wank me.

I was a little shocked and couldn't respond. He was stroking me and smiling at me while doing it. I was going to explode! I shot 3 times and a 4th one dripped out. Now my friend said, 'Help me get mine down, too.' Still a bit shocked I started to stroke him. Not long after that he shot 3 times and hit me.

We waited until the erections where fully down and quickly got out of the toilet cabin and ran too the showers to clean the cum from our penisses and me from my leg too.

We laughed about it a bit without saying a word and got into the pool again.

Later that evening when we should sleep wanked each other again.



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