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The Not-so-secret Leg Squeeze Technique

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Sometimes, I think I'm the only one who knows how to do that...lol...and my roomie/best friend is totally jealous of me for being able to. For a long time, it was the only one I knew to get off.
I started doing it in 6th grade. I was rocking my hips back and forth in class, noticing how good it felt and then how much better it felt when I rocked them forward, pressing down, and squeezing my thighs. Then, this warm tingling feeling washed over my whole body and I just relaxed and sat back, looking around me. I had my first orgasm and didn't really know what it was. I'd heard about masturbation and never in my reading did I come across leg-squeezing as a form of masturbation.
I got to where I'd do that seated about 5 or 6 times a day. Then when I was about 13 or 14, I was laying on the couch in the living room and decided to try to have an orgasm there. I wiggled around a little bit, dug my hips into the couch and sure enough...it was better than the seated ones! Later on, I tried to do it while laying on my side. That one is a little harder to orgasm from but wow, does it feel so good when I do. The ones on my stomach are definitely the best thus far in that category.
The whole time I was doing this, I felt really guilty because my mom (who I told about it because I felt so guilty) told me that I should save feelings like that for marriage. (Turns out, I found out that she masturbated at my age as well...lol) I tried to stop but I would sit in class and just imagine how incredible it felt and that would be enough to make me do it. When I'd get done, I'd just slide back upright in my seat and look around, noticing I was breathing a little harder and I was sweating a little. Sometimes, I'd do it so much that my inner thighs would be sore the next day. Also, I noticed it felt better when my bladder was full and I always had to pee when I was done.
In college, I found out about the shower massager technique and figured out how to do that one. I've been able to get off with my fingers on my clit maybe twice but I'm really impatient so I like to have them quick and the hand ones don't make me orgasm as hard either. Then I learned about the electric toothbrush and that's pretty great as well. The leg-squeeze has become my backup way to get off now.
I'm nearly 21 years old now, still a virgin, with an incredibly strong sex drive. I am constantly horny...lol. After talking to my best friend/roomie about how we both masturbate, I've come (no pun intended) to appreciate the beauty of it and stop being guilty. I figure God would rather me masturbate than to go off and have sex with other people every time I got the urge to get off (which would be all the time...lol). I'll have sex eventually and by doing this, I'm able to wait 'til I get married. Also, knowing the leg-squeeze thing helps me orgasm harder with the shower massager and electric toothbrush because I know how to lift my hips and squeeze just right to make it a more pleasurable experience. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there that knows what I'm talking about.



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