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The Night That Changed Our Lives

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I had always been quite shy around girls; but everything changed when I started talking to Andrea.

I'd never really paid attention to her before; yet I knew she was hot for me since the beginning of Grade 10.

Our story takes place during a concert we attended without knowing that both of us were attending. We saw each other while waiting in line, for the damned thing to start; and we casually began talking about the band and started hitting it off. The bands that opened were crap and we knew it; for we kept staring at one another. My friend, Bryan, knew there was something wrong for he mentioned while we were in the john during the intermission. We went back downstairs to the stage and enjoyed the band we'd actually paid to see.

The next day, I saw Andrea and asked her how she enjoyed the concert... for some reason she seemed more beautiful than before and I could feel myself going hard. Of course she noticed and began feeling me through my pants, in the middle of the hallway. What a rush of excitement that was! I invited her over to my place the next day so we could continue our 'conversation'. She came to my place after school, but our conversation wasn't sexual anymore (much to my despair) but had turned back to music. Wanting some action, I decided to show her my bedroom... even if I was young and unexperienced she got the message right away. We sat down on the bed and began making out; soon my hand had reached under her shirt and was cupping one of her clothed breasts (small, but they work for me).

She got up and got totally naked in front of me; which of course made my cock swell up so hard I felt like I could explode without her even touching me. She told me she had waited a very long time for this moment... she wanted to see my penis, which shocked me in a sense but thrilled me in the other. I took off all of my clothes, except for my boxers. She boldly stuck her hand into them and brought out my huge, engorged cock. She looked at it for some time and then proceeded to give me a handjob. I thought I was in heaven. I came in spurts all over her chest, her face and hair; and all she did was laugh.

She then told me it was her turn, and seductively laid down on my bed with her legs spread like an eagle. She pushed her hands down her stomach, and began touching her clit. She began to moan suddenly... she then spread her lips to show me her flowing juices and motioned for me to get on the bed with her. I took my fingers and slowly moved them against her clit. She took my hand and pushed it farther inside her. This went on for about 2 minutes when I started to feel her fasten herself around my finger(she was quite tight), knowing she was coming. She climaxed hard.

We did this little routine every Wednesday, until she left for College. During this time, she and I both dated, but we were unfufilled. We saw each other at an old friend's (Bryan) party five years later and hit off again. We're now married and expecting our first child; we like to joke about that silly concert and how it ruined our lives. Just kidding.

Have fun kids.



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