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The Next Day With My Friends

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If you didn't read my first story do it before you read this one!


Kyle asked his mom if we could sleep over for another night, she said she was fine with it as long as our parents thought it was all right. Tim, Kyle and I all knew what was going to happen all day now that Kyle's mom didn't have a problem with us masturbating while she was there.

It was around 12:30 in the afternoon and we had just finished eating lunch when Kyle's mom told us she was going to go out until around five or six, she said that if we didn't break anything she would bring us back a fun surprise. We all laughed and said goodbye. After she left I asked the other guys if they wanted to just stay naked all day, they thought it was a great idea and we pulled all the shades and started to strip. Instantly my cock got as hard as a rock at the sight of this so did Tim's and Kyle's. The heads of their penis's looked huge and their balls sucked up into their bodies from the cold air. I noticed that we all had dried jizz all over our cocks and we decided to take showers.

Kyle started the shower and we all got in. he had a stall that was big enough for three so we soaped up and rinsed off then started playing with our dicks. I told the guys a trick I had learned. I took a large amount of shower oil and put it in the palm of my hand I got out of the stream of water and sat on the little bench in the stall. I then took the head of my boner and started rubbing the palm of my hand in a circular motion around the metus. This caused the head of my prick to get extremely deep purple and very hard. As soon as they saw this they both started copying me, the feeling was so intense on my 14-year-old penis head that I could barely stand it.

Vibrations were sent through my whole body and I had to stop for a break, during this break I pushed Kyle's hand away from his dick head and did it for him, he moaned and squirmed but didn't tell me to stop. Finally his gigantic head exploded and shot long strands of cum on to the shower floor. I then went back to doing myself. I watched Tim as he sat on the shower floor next to Kyles sticky cum and rubbed his hard cock. Soon I was feeling the tingling near my balls and I knew I was going to shoot my load. I felt the wave of orgasm flush over me, the spasm of my dick shot my load onto the shower wall. I looked over at Tim and Kyle, Tim had already come and they were both milking the remaining jizz out of their semi-flaccid cocks.

We got out and dried off, we got on Kyle's computer and looked at porn for a while, then Tim had a great idea, he did a search for male genital anatomy and we looked at pictures of guys dicks and learned all about our penises, it was funny and a lot of fun. We found all the parts on each others dicks and compared size, shape, and pubic hair. Before we knew it was 5:30pm so we turned off the computer and went to watch TV. We stayed naked finding it very arousing knowing that Kyle's mom would walk in on us like that.

She came home about ten minutes after we started, she walked in and looked at all of us. Tim's dick started to rise along with the rest of us as she said 'Wow, looks like you boys have been having fun, did you break anything?' We laughed and said no, she said 'Allright are you ready for your surprise?,' she pulled out two video tapes and a big bottle of warming fluid, she told us that the tapes were an instructional video on masturbation and a sex and porno that she liked, she went over to the TV and put the masturbation video in it.

It started off showing a guy masturbating and coming, it went on to explain all the different types of strokes and techniques by showing a real guy doing them. Kyle's mom sat with us through the whole thing and we started laughing when the palm trick came on. Kyles mom asked us about it and we told her the whole story. During the movie we all had huge hardons but we weren't stroking, it felt kind of weird masturbating in front of a mom.

It was around three in the morning when we went to bed and we left the next day but there were many more times like this since then.



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