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The Newsstand

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This happened when I was in my second year in college. I was working part time at a newsstand in my hometown. I would stock magazines on the shelf and take down all the old ones. I also worked as a cashier. There was this girl who also worked there part time. Her name was Claire. Claire was a pretty, innocent school girl. She went to the local all girls catholic high school, she was finishing her senior year and had just turned 18.

All of our co-workers used to razz and tease her about her rather puritan views on sex. The topic came up a lot since we stocked and sold just about every skin magazine known to man. Claire also had this reputation of being a bit nosey. As a joke we decided to reward (or punish, depending on your point of view) by putting a picture from one of the magazines in this box that we knew that she couldn't resist snooping in. That night, she and I were working together at the register when curiosity got the best of her and she opened the box. What she got was an eyeful. There was a picture from one of the men's magazines with a man stark naked lying on a bed with what looked like a 9 inch erection. Claire reacted with shock and blushed bright red as I laughed. She was so embarrassed and absolutely furious at me for playing that practical joke that she didn't speak to me for the rest of the night.

At the end of the night, we closed the store and the register and went to the back office to put the night's money in the safe. When we closed the office door Claire finally spoke up and gave me a piece of her mind. She told me how sick and perverted that was and that she'd never been more embarrassed in all her life. I liked Claire. She was a sweet, nice, and very pretty girl who was just a little too uptight. I apologized for what had happened and told her that I'm sorry I embarrassed her.

I then asked her something personal. I asked her if she was a lesbian, which got her temper up again. I told her that I was wondering because most straight women find a man's erect penis to be a very stimulating image. I then asked her another personal question. I asked if she'd been with a man or seen a man's penis in real life and she told me she hadn't. Feeling really bold I asked her if she would like to. She said that she had no desire to look at any dirty magazines and I interrupted her and told her that I wasn't asking her to look at a magazine, I was asking her if she wanted to see a real penis.

Claire was speechless. 'Oh my God, do you mean you're asking me if I want to see yours?' I told her yes. I said 'Claire, it was wrong of me to embarrass yourself like that and to even things out it is only right that I should be in a compromising position.' Without hesitation, I unbuttoned my pants and slid them and my white briefs down to the floor exposing myself to Claire. Her eyes were drawn immediately to my cock. I reached for a magazine on the shelf and opened it and started flipping through the pages. 'Would you like to see it erect Claire?' I asked. She nodded and I reached down with my right hand and started fondling it until it got fully erect. I didn't stop, my fondling became a firm five finger grip and I was in the act of masturbation right in front of her.

Claire told me she was curious what a hard penis felt like and I asked her if she'd like to touch it and find out. She said 'You'd like that, wouldn't you.' I told her, 'What guy wouldn't like having their cock touched by you.' I reached over to her chair and wheeled her over (she was in a desk chair) so she was now sitting in front of me. I reached over with my left hand and took her right hand and placed it on my cock as I lifted my right hand off of it. Now Claire had a five finger grip on my cock.

She looked down at it and started running her hand up and down it, feeling the shaft, the head, the balls. 'Wow, this isn't what I expected.' I was looking down at Claire as her hands explored my 7 inch erection and let out a twitch and sigh. Claire pulled her hand away immediately. 'Oh my God, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.' I replied 'No, Claire. You did the exact opposite. That felt really good.' I reached back out to her and placed her right hand back on my cock and took her left hand and placed it under my balls so she was cupping them.

As I got more excited I started helping Claire out by moving my hips in and out of her hand. 'You're good at this. I see you've done this before.' I told her 'Not with a girl. Usually I do it at home when I'm alone.' Claire asked 'Do you think of me?' 'Sometimes', I tell her. I'm getting closer and closer to climaxing when Claire feels my cock starting to throb and pulse. 'What's happening?' she asked. I told her that she was moments away from getting me off. About 15 seconds later I came, Claire pumping a huge load of cum. It didn't shoot, but oozed out and ran down the shaft and onto Claire's hands.

'Ewwww, that's gross' she said. I told her that some women like how it tastes. 'Try it, if you like' To my astonishment Claire did. She tried just a little bit at first and then licked her hand totally clean. 'Oh my. I can't believe you licked up all my cum' I told her. She said 'I can see why some women like it. I can really see why some women like it.'

I cleaned up what she didn't lick up and got dressed again as we headed out for the night. I told her that I really enjoyed that experience and she told me that she did too and even liked how I tasted. I told her that if she wanted to taste again, I could show her something that she might enjoy even more. 'Are you talking about a blow job?' she asked. I nodded and told her that we'll save that for another night, which we did.



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