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The New Situation

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How things have changed this fall at home.


I am a college freshman, about 5ft 9in, medium build, brown hair. This fall when I went away to school (about 1.5 hours away), I knew I would be leaving my dad by himself,(divorce), but I didn't realize what that meant for me when I would come home on occasion.

I have been jacking since I was 14, and as time passed I got into different things, from reading stories here, to porn, to eventually trying on women's panties. That is where this story is headed, when I was 17, I read something about guys jacking with girls underwear, and some trying them on while jacking. This peaked my interest, but living with just my dad, there were not options to borrow/steal a pair, and I was afraid to buy them at a store. So I did a little research, and bought a three pack of 'boy shorts' on line. The anticipation of opening them, and subsequently trying them on, was insane, as I pulled them up, my dick was throbbing, pointing out of the pink and purple material. Standing in front of the mirror, I jacked and came faster than I had in my entire life. It wasn't a normal cum either, the power pulsing through my body, almost knocked me off my feet. I was hooked.

Fast forward to this year, I've been wearing panties to jack off in for almost two years, but didn't think it wise to take girls clothes to a dorm full of guys. So when I left, I put all of my panties away, the same place I have always kept them, the back of my drawer of t-shirts. Doing my own laundry, this was a perfect place, there was never a need for my dad to look. When I came home after about a month or so, I was excited to be home, but also to put on a pair, and stroke my dick like crazy. Much to my surprise, that night after my dad had gone to bed, I went to my room closing the door, pulling my shorts and boxers off, my dick springing to life, dripping precum, but when I opened the drawer, it was empty. Except for a scrap of paper, reading 'we need to talk-Dad'. My dick had never shriveled so fast, talk about blue balls, I was screwed.

Saturday morning, I sheepishly walked downstairs, grabbing some cereal, and sitting down at the kitchen table. My Dad walked in carrying a bag, which I could tell had all of my panties in it,(around 25 pairs, everything from thongs and g-strings, to bikinis and boy shorts) he set it on the table. 'I'm sure you found my note' Is how he started, I just nodded. 'Where did these come from, and why do you have them?' And thus began the most awkward conversation I'd ever had, as I told the truth, explaining about wearing them when I jack off, and buying them online. He was quiet for the most part, just asking clarifying questions until the end. 'I knew that you were masturbating, and that is fine, but this is a little bit of a different situation' with this prelude, he talked about this being a fetish, and that there was nothing wrong with it, but I was right to have kept it at home. Additionally, he told me that because I wasn't getting to wear them at school, he would be ok with it if I wore panties around the house, as pajamas. As long as they weren't thongs. This didn't mean I could jack off where ever, but that I could extend the build up to jacking off, and then go to my room no questions asked.

The idea of panties around the house was thrilling, as he gave me the bag back, but I wasn't sure I would be brave enough to do it.

To be continued if comments warrant it.



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