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The New Neighbor

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The New Neighbor
It was a lovely sunny day, in the hottest part of the summer and Sara had put on her bathing suit, grabbed her book, and was heading outside to sit on the back porch to enjoy the rest of the lovely day. That porch was her favorite part of the house. It was made of wood and stretched along the entire back of the house, a very old-fashioned porch with hedges growing up and over the side of it.
She settled herself on the wicker sofa, tucked her legs up under her, and opened her book. Just then she noticed her new neighbor sitting in his own yard on a lounge chair overlooking his garden. His chair was slightly turned from her, but she knew he was an attractive man, about 45 she thought. She hadn‚??t met him yet, but from other neighbors she knew his name was Tom, he lived alone, and that he ran some kind of business from home. He seemed to be dozing, enjoying the sun as she was. Releasing a little sigh, she began to read.
After a little while, a movement caught her eye. She glanced up from her book‚?¶ and was riveted. Her neighbor‚??s hand, which had been resting across his lap, was now stroking lightly, lazily, across the front of his shorts. Her breath caught and held. His chest bare, she watched as his hand moved across it, then back down across the bulge now showing, still moving slowly, so slowly. He looked as if he might be dreaming; she couldn‚??t look away.
Suddenly, he sat up and turned toward her a little. She quickly turned her head, not wanting him to see her watching, but then sighed with relief when he picked up a bottle of sun lotion sitting in the grass next to him and poured some into his hand. Laying the bottle next to him, he relaxed against the back of the chair again, and began rubbing the oil into his skin. Good, he hadn‚??t noticed her, she thought. She watched as he oiled his entire chest, his hands moving slowly but with a little more force now. His chest gleaming now, his hand returned to the front of his shorts, stroking again, but now a little harder. Again, her breath caught in a gasp as, in the next motion, his hand entered the opening in the front of his shorts, and began moving again. Sara‚??s breath released abruptly as he withdrew his hand, and with it his hard, now-glistening cock. Her heart thumping now, she watched as he held himself tightly, stroking, the muscles of his arm flexing with every move.
Her hand raised to the front of her bathing suit, holding her chest as if to keep her heart inside. Frozen in place, her hand resting on her breast, she saw him raise the bottle of lotion and pour a little into his hand. Breath coming in short pants now, wetness flooding her body, she watched as he dribbled the lotion across his hardness, watched as his cock jumped a little at the touch of the oil. Her hand moved absently across her breast, feeling her body tighten, he enclosed himself in his hand, tightly she could see, and stroked up and down that long length, his cock sliding completely through his hand with each stroke. He was moving faster, harder now, his muscles flexing and holding then releasing with his every movement.
Still one hand on her breast, grazing her nipple through the suit, she pressed her other hand between her thighs‚?¶she could feel her wetness through the bathing suit. Breathing harder now, so engrossed, so excited, her hand slid inside the bottom of her suit, fingers coming to rest against her pulsing, wet pussy. Her eyes riveted on the motions of his hand, his cock sliding through it easily, his hard velvet head appearing and then disappearing into his hand. She licked her dry lips, wanting‚?¶no needing‚?¶to taste him, to touch her tongue to that satin and velvet covered cock. Her fingers moving against her pussy now, faster, matching his movements, sliding through her tightly curled hair, sliding lower, sliding deeper, opening herself more with every movement‚?¶sliding her fingers down to her opening then back, slowly, finally touching her hard, wet clit‚?¶.a small, deep moan escaping at the touch. Her fingers circling, stroking, then circling again, her muscles deep inside clenching, she watched as his hand kept moving, faster, harder, tightly moving, his hips raising with each movement, his chest tightening and expanding with deep, short breaths, the same ones she was panting out.
Her hand moving strongly now, sliding down her wetness, between her lips, inserting two fingers, crying out softly as her tightness clenched at them, thrusting into herself, matching his rhythm. Moaning now, uncaring if he heard, thumb rubbing her clit slightly, fingers thrusting in and out, still watching his hard, tight, fast movements, moving faster herself‚?¶harder‚?¶.tighter‚?¶.both lost in their own motions, their own passion‚?¶.suddenly his head turning toward her, his eyes locking with hers‚?¶.too far entranced with her own body to care‚?¶.her pussy convulsing around her fingers, wetness flooding her, coming‚?¶.watching his cock spasm, jerking in his hand, wetness shooting through his fingers‚?¶.their eyes still watching each other, then locking together again as they both relaxed, their deep breathing easing slowly. He smiled at her slightly, eyes burning into hers, then glanced at her lips, at her hand still inside her bathing suit, smiling into her eyes.
Then, as if the most natural thing had just happened between them, almost strangers, he again sat back in his chair, turned slightly away from her, looking for all the world as if he were sleeping. Sara sat back on her sofa, drew her legs up under her, and wondered with a smile when she should introduce herself to her new neighbor.



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