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The New Girl in the Parts Dept

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Back in the middle 70s I was working as a mechanic at a small dealership. We'd go up front to look up and get parts. A new girl was hired to work in the department who was in her late 20s and was a doll of a woman. She was a divorcee with two kids. She had the habit of coming to work wearing 'hot pants' also known as short shorts and she had one beautiful pair of legs to show off. She would turn heads when she walked by and I'm sure most the guys looking were thinking the same thing I was when looking at her. This was how I'd love to be laying between those beautiful legs with them wrapped around me doing you know what with her or maybe I should say to her.

Her name was Linda and she soon started coming over to me when I was in the parts books and put her head next to mine talking to me. It was quite a turn on having her so near me. Around a week later she came over close to me and suggested that we go have lunch together. The next day we did going in her car getting some food to go and going to a park to eat. Two days later we did it again this time going in my car.

On this day we went thru a drive thru to order and pick up our food. When she placed her order she scooted over next to me. When all was said and done she was still setting right next to me. We got our order and headed back to that park. On this day we stayed in the car as it was quite windy. We ate our food and then sat talking.

It was then that Linda made mention of my always looking at her legs. I told her they were beautiful. She then came back with 'I bet you'd like to get your hands on them, wouldn't you'? I told her 'I bet they'd feel real good'. Linda then shocked me by saying 'here; go ahead. Have a feel' while pushing her left leg next to my leg. She was wearing her short shorts that day as she often did. I asked her 'you mean it'? She said 'I know you are dying to feel them. Go ahead'. I lowered my arm down and placed my hand on her thigh and ran it over the exposed flesh while looking at them. Linda said 'well, what do you think'? I told her it feels wonderful.

Then Linda shocked me again by telling me 'let's see just how good they feel to you' reaching over putting her hand between my legs grabbing my cock. I was already hard as a rock from all that was going on. She then went to rubbing on it thru the material of my pants. I let out a 'aahhh that feels good' and sank down in my seat all I could. Linda then reached up pulling down my zipper and stuck her hand in. She pulled my brief over to free my cock laying it to my left side on top my left thigh. She then wrapped her soft hand around it and started stroking it. My right hand was going all over the wonderful softness of her inner thigh really getting me aroused. I then went to telling her 'O Linda. This feels so good. You keep this up and I'm going to come'. She said 'go ahead baby. Enjoy the feel. Go ahead and come for me'. Soon after this I got to groaning and thrusting my hips all I could telling Linda 'I'm going to come. Oh Linda, I'm coming'. With some loud grunts I blew right there in my pants while tightly holding her inner thigh taking in its wonderful softness. It wasn't long and the wetness started showing on the leg of my pants. The orgasm was a powerful one and I knew there was one heck of a load of cum down there. Linda then removed her hand wiping it off on a napkin. My pants came in contact with my thigh and the wet area then grew bigger. Linda saw this and said 'I see you really did enjoy that. Look at all that cum'. I looked down and said 'ah crap. I have to go back to work like this'. There was no way I could go home and change as my wife was there. I told Linda 'I'll just have to tell everybody I had an accident with my drink' and we laughed at this.

Two days later Linda got into a disagreement with her boss and she quit. I was kind of glad that this happened because I knew that things were getting to us some day going somewhere during our lunch get togethers and end up with those long beautiful legs wrapped around me doing you know what to her. I sure was thinking about this.



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