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The Neighborhood Club House

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This is how it all started


The neighborhood boys.. There were a lot of guys in the neighborhood and when we started to get interested in sex things started to happen, We had a tree house and a shack built out of limbs and sticks, one of the guys had some porn he had got from his fathers drawer, Vintage black and white stuff. It was the first time I had seen porn and it really got me going with a nice stiffy, I was about 13 when this first started and there had been lots of meetings in the club house with each jacking off, we all had normal size penises but one boy I will call Danny had an enormous penis and he liked to show it because he was so much bigger than the rest of us. I was about 6 inches but he must have been at least 9 or 10 inches we never measured it and he had very big hanging balls and he was cut and very veiny when he was hard and he was always the one that wanted to have mutual jackoffs.

One time he got me to go alone with him, I think because I would stare at his penis when it was erect and how his balls would bounce up and down when he was jacking. He had some of the vintage porn I liked and we started to look at it and I still remember this blonde girl standing with nice tits and a very hairy bush. She had one leg up on this guys shoulder and he had a very long penis stuck in the middle of the bush. I got a erection really bad and Danny noticed so he said lets get naked so we did.

I was slowly pulling on my cut erection, and by the way I was next largest boy in our group, I had a nice six inches and my penis was very fat for my age like Danny but he was much longer. Well he reached over and said can I do it for you so I let him, it really felt good for someone else to be doing it for me. So I reached over and started pulling on his huge penis, then he ask me something I did not expect and that was if he could suck me. I just nodded and he put his warm mouth on the head of my penis and went up and down a few times then said can you do it to me? Well it felt so good I did it so he would do it to me again, boy was he throbbing and veins were sticking out and it was bouncing up and down.

Then I stopped and said do me so he did,. And I said can you do it longer this time, he said sure if you will do me longer, so he started and boy was I hard and I had never felt so good. I told him to slow down a couple of times I did not want to cum too soon, so he did. He told me to tell him when I am cumming, so it did not take about five minutes and I could not hold it any longer. I said now! Now!, he pulled his mouth off and started to jack me, I almost shot to the roof the orgasm was so strong, it felt my balls were cumming out the end of my penis rope after rope was shooting all over the place.

Well Danny said Damn! And started to clean up the mess with his penis still bobbing up and down as he did, he was afraid his mother would see it. Then it was my turn, so I grabbed hold of his very large penis and I must admit it felt good in my hand as I jacked it up and down a few times, then I reluctantly put the end in my mouth and went up and down a few times. Danny said deeper please, pushing his hips up in toward my mouth as he laid on the edge of the couch, I forgot to mention we were both about 14 at the time, and for a 14 year old he was very big like a grown man with lots of hair.

Anyway he was pushing up into my mouth and I said tell me when you are going to cum, and he nodded. So I kept working on him and he was really humping my mouth and his face was getting red, then I felt his cock start to pulse and at first I did not think he was cumming but then a salty taste started in my mouth and I felt a shot in the back of my mouth. I pulled off real quick like and he was shooting rope after rope all over the place like I did as I jacked him.

I spat on the floor to get what was in my mouth out and was jacking him really hard. Boy was it a sight with big hairy balls bouncing up and down with each stroke. Well after that he wanted to do it all the time but I would only jack him for a short time because I was afraid he would do it in my mouth again, but he started sucking me until I was cumming and I was hooked on that which led to going adult stores with gloryholes when I was in my twenties but that's another story..



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