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The Neighbor Part I

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I was caught later that week by the sister-in-law doing the same thing, but that's for another posting.


My mom called and asked me to stop by the neighbor's house to check on it while they were out of town. I agreed to, mostly because I was curious about the home the woman most of the boys in the neighborhood lusted for. I said 'Sure' and would come by for the key later that day. I was in my 30s then and still had a thing for older women.

'Rhonda' had dyed red hair, a trim body, and legs to die for, even though she was only about 5'3'. She was about average in appearance, and actually had an overbite, but there was something about the entire package that made her sexy as hell, and the woman who walked through many of my masturbatory fantasies, including my first wet dream, from which I woke up, in a languor I wanted to stay in all day. In another posting, I'll tell of my only time that I finally got her into my bed.

Rhonda wore miniskirts and minidresses, and hot pants when those came out. Her two sons were assholes who eventually ended up in prison, her daughters two moronic bitches. I put up with their taunts to be able to talk with Rhonda, who was always pleasant to me, and maybe a little flirtatious, including once blowing me a kiss when she caught me looking at her while she was watering the lawn, wearing cut-off levi shorts.

After getting the key, I went to the house. Unlocking the front door, as I entered the house, I saw a picture of her with her husband, wearing the dress that she had on when she and her husband came to go out with my folks. I was about 16 at the time. Rhonda had sat next to me, the dress riding up (she had to know what she did to me). When they left, I had to the house to myself and I immediately jacked off, the whole session taking less than three minutes, the orgasm being horribly intense. I was in love and lust with Rhonda.

I felt my heart start to pound. I thought of taking the picture with me to her bedroom and jack off while looking at it. Instead, I had a moment of inspiration.

I went into the bedroom, and looked through the closet, and found her heels. I chose a black velour pair I had seen her wear to a party at my folks. I looked through her dresser and found her pantyhose. Choosing a tan pair which made me hot just thinking about them on her legs, I took those and the heels and lay on her bed.

I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, pushed down my underwear, picked up the pantyhose, wrapped a leg of them around my hand and grasped my hard cock, which was dripping precum. I picked up one of the high heels, and looked at it as I started jacking myself off.

I moved slowly so I could enjoy the smell of Rhonda's perfume in the room, the feel of her pantyhose, imagining what they would feel like as her leg was over mine, and the sight of her legs in high heels.

I finally came; it was exquisite. I moaned and said out loud, 'Rhonda, I love you!' There was my come on her pantyhose which I planned to take home and wash and reuse, thinking about her. When I went there two days later and did the same thing, her sister-in-law caught me, with very pleasant results, but that's for another time.



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