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The Neighbor Knows All

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I am a 16 year old male from maryland. The story I'm about to share happened two weeks ago after school let out. I live in a small development and their arent many good looking women living in my neighborhood except for the woman 3 doors down from me. She is only 22 years old and lives by herself with the only other occupant of the house being her dog.
Well the day school let out I was walking home and passed by her house. I noticed that she was sitting on the porch in a bikini top that barely covered her large breasts and skimpy little booty shorts. To my shock she waved me over as if she wanted to talk to me. Not hesitating for a moment i ran up to her porch to see what she wanted. She said that she would be going out of town for a week and wanted me to stop by every day to check over her house and make sure everything was ok and to feed her dog. I eagerly accepted and was hoping i might find time to explore her house while she was gone. She led me in to get the key to her house and i couldnt help but stare at her beautiful ass.
Suddenly she turned around and caught me looking before i could raise my eyes from her swaying ass. She just looked at me and smiled a naughty smile and kept walking.
The week came and i went over to her house the first time . I went inside and fed her dog then decided i would go upstairs to her room and look around. I knew she was single and figured she probably had alot of "free time" on her hands (if you know what i mean). I found her dresser and opened up her underwear drawer. She didnt pack much for going on a trip for a week, the drawer was full of lingerie , thongs , bras and the occasional g-string.
Horny as i was i dropped my pants as i was rumaging through the drawer when my hand found what apeared to me a small shoe box. Curiously i opened it and there was a note inside. I read the first line and i about pissed myself!! It said "CAUGHT YOU!!!...i knew you would be looking for my panties so you could masturbate into them so i thought i'd leave you a little present to help you out". I was so horny after reading it i shot a load all over the floor. In the bottom of the box there was a video tape and so i put it in the vcr in her room and turned it on. I was shocked when i saw my neighbor laying on her bed with what looked to be a dildo in her snatch!!! She was masturbating wildly like there was no tomorrow all the while playing with her 34C titties (looked at her bra). She went for maybe five minutes and exploded as did I. It was amazing and the most intense orgasm i had ever had.
In return i thought i would leave a tape of me jerking into her panties for her to watch when she returned.So after i recovered and returned to my hard state i found her camcorder and layed on her bed jerking off into a pair of leopard print panties.After about 15 minutes i jizzed all over them. I left the new tape and her dirty panties in her drawer for her to see when she came home , hopefully she would make another video for me. I jerked off into her panties each time i came to check on her house and added to the tape each time.
When she returned the last day she called me and asked me to come over so she could "pay" me , but that is another story for another time.



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