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The Neighbor Boy

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True story


Let me first explain how all this came together, I inherited the house I grew up in, it is out in what I call BFE on a little dirt lane. The next closest house is about 1/2 mile up the lane and we are the only two houses. I have 26 acres and the house next to me has about the same. Across the street is a 134 acres farm that you can't see except for the rolling hills.

As for my neighbors, he is a long distance truck driver gone for weeks at a time usually home for two or three days and gone again. The mom is a nurse at the closest hospital about 25 miles from here and she works six to six every day.

Then there's Josh, their 14 year old son, a sort of handsome little dirty blonde kid with the coolest eyes. One is brown and one is this eerie sky blue like an eskimo dog. Me and him have been kinda close seeing there is no one else around for well several miles, he comes over all the time on his little go-cart and hangs out with me. He knows as long as the garage door is open he is welcome.

I have my garage set up pretty cool with all the latest video games and karaoke so he thinks it is cool. Well this is where it begins, I guess. On Friday night I had a few to many and left the garage door open. I woke the next morning like always around seven, jumped in the shower got out, wrapped a towel around which by the way didn't really fit all the way around but being I have the house to myself I usually don't even wear that much.

I walked into the kitchen (which is open to the den) to get a drink and to my surprise there's Josh sitting on the couch watching TV (he actually scared me cause I just knew I had the house to myself). I said what are you doing here and he said well the garage was open I said I must have forgot to close it, I'm not even dressed. He just kind of shrugged his shoulders and said so?

Then he asked if he should leave, I was like well you're already here seeing me in nothing but a towel what's the difference if you leave now or not? He was like at least you have a towel on so it isn't like you have anything I haven't seen before. So he must have felt pretty comfortable with me not have anything on but this towel.

I grabbed my drink and went into the den where he was watching a movie on cable. I sat in the chair next him and kinda got interested in it as I should have been putting some clothes on. I like it hot in the house in the morning, because there's nothing worse than getting out of bed and it being cold in the house. He said man is it hot here and took off his sweatshirt, now he's sitting there in a pair of sweats that looked like he out grew of about three years ago. It was pretty tight and sort of revealing if you know what I mean.

Well the movie was still on and this boy in the movie that looked to be about Josh's age was walking around in nothing but his little white briefs. Next you seen him laying in bed with the sheet pulled up to just his underwear line, he takes his hand puts it in what looks like his undies and starts moving his hand up and down. By this time I started getting a little woody sitting there in nothing but a towel with Josh there watching this boy on TV that appeared to be wacking. So I sat up so it wouldn't be revealing to him and I noticed Josh moved his hand over his crotch I assume also to hide something.

I said maybe you shouldn't be watching this, he said why not I do that all the time. I said do what? And he said what he is doing, I was like do you even know what he is doing, and he goes yeah rubbing one off. Josh moved his hand up to make the motion and with his tight sweats on I could tell he had a pretty good erection going on.

Jokingly I said from the looks of the little tent you got going on there you need to do it right now also. He goes you can't tell me you never do it and you're not getting a hard on. I was like I'm not going to lie and sat back to make the towel tent a little bit. He goes see it looks like you need to do it to. He then pushes his hips up to make his really stick out. He puts his hand in his pants and starts moving it up and down. I was like are you really doing it? And he said yeah why not? I was like wow almost in shock that he was actually doing it right there in front of me.

I said what happens if you blow, it will get all over your pants and stuff and besides as tight as they are it looks like it hard to do. He goes you're right and the next thing I knew his pants were to his knees and he was sitting there in all his glory just going to town.

He must have seen the shocked look on my face and said what are you scared, well I didn't tell him but I was. Here I am sitting there in arm's reach of a 14 year kid who is wacking like there is no tomorrow. He tilts head back and closes his eyes, having no concern that I am sitting there watching him. He looks up and goes well aren't you going to do it, I know you're hard. I said well yeah I am, but I don't think I should and he goes chicken. I couldn't hold out any longer, with him watching I just reached under the towel and started rubbing it. He goes what are you afraid of me seeing it, I said no and lifted the towel and he goes there isn't that better?

Within minutes I said here it goes, he kind of stops to watch, and I let go with about three good ropes. He goes cool, I'm close and just then I could see his body tense up and some pretty big globs just kind of oozed out rolling down his five inches. I took the towel and cleaned my self up and threw it to him so he could wipe his hands off. By the time he was done his pants where lying on the floor, we just sat the for about an hour and finished watching the movie. He goes this is pretty cool us being able to sit here like this and not having to worry about anyone seeing us. We got dressed and headed out to the garage. Later on that night I walked in the house and there he was again sitting on the couch in all his glory again going to town. I think this going to become a pretty regular thing for him. He must trust me pretty good.



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