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The Nanny

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When I was 11 I was a spoiled rotten brat. My father died when I was young and my mother never disciplined me for anything. My mother worked which would leave me alone after school and my mother could never trust me so she got babysitters to watch me. I had gone through about 5 when I was ten years old and my mother sent me to a boys camp all summer. It was fun but was very disciplined. I looked forward to getting home. When I got home a few days before school mom announced I would be getting a real nanny from England and maybe she would straighten me out. It was some deal where she would watch me and get room and board and her college paid for in return.

I was what everyone considered a real cute kid, long blond hair and blue eyes, and I knew how to charm others to get what I wanted. The new nanny, Harriet, I figured out quickly, was not one of those people. The first day she arrived she made a list of chores for me to do every day or weekly. I never did chores and just ignored it. The first day after school I arrived home and asked for a snack which she refused to give me until I finished all my chores. I threw a fit and we got into a little scuffle until I spit in her face. Next thing I knew she had me by an ear, dragged me to my room and before I knew it she had my pants and underwear down to my ankles and I was laying across her lap and she was spanking me. I was never spanked before and it didn't hurt at first but I still tried to protect myself and struggled. she said I would get ten whacks for being 'cheeky' as she called it but only the ones after I struggled would count. She must have slapped me at least 50 times before I gave up. My hands and bottom wore sore and red. She made me stand in the corner with no pants or underwear until I apologized and agreed to do my chores. It wasn't until I was standing in the corner that I saw my little penis (maybe 2 inches) was hard and sticking up. I was curious because it was the first erection I remember having that hard. I wanted to feel it but was suppose to keep my hands above my head. I got a few more slaps for giving in to the temptation but I learned to keep my hands up. I eventually apologized after about 30 more spankings but with humility did my chores bare bottomed.

At first I hated my nanny but my mom would not listen to my pleas to get rid of her and nanny was not going anywhere. She was more stubborn than me. I had a spanking almost every day for a month but eventually got down to once a month or so and not so bad. I got the same bare bottom treatment and got a boner every time. I figured out it was from rubbing against her thigh. I never attached anything sexual to it. That was probably because my behind hurt worse than any feelings of pleasure I could get from it.

I was also made to endure weekly 'scrubbings'. Usually on a Saturday night, she would make me sit in a bath, instead of my usual shower, and she would scrub me neck to foot with a brush. It made my skin red. The only things that were spared was my head and genitals which she did by hand. I look back now and wonder why I never got an erection from her doing that for about a year. It would get partial erect but not fully hard like during my spankings. One night, when I was about 12 and a half, I noticed my balls were getting much larger when she washed me there and they almost filled her whole hand up. I didn't know why but it gave me an almost instant complete boner. I remember her commenting that it seemed I was about to be getting much larger there when that happened.

By this time I started to have a bit of a crush on her. I was becoming much more polite and considerate of others and didn't need spankings as much or any discipline. I learned it was no use fighting with Nanny. I also started to get uncontrollable erections several times a day just being around her, especially when she would be in my room when I changed my clothes for bed or school in the morning. I found if I rubbed my boner at night in bed it would feel good. By the time I was 13 I started growing hair and everything was definitely bigger,(maybe 4-5 inches). I was getting boners just thinking of my weekly bath and looked forward to her washing me there. It didn't seem to phase her that I was erect the whole time I was in the bath. She treated the whole situation like it was a chore so I never got more than a 30 second feel.

One day I got in big trouble, I can't remember why, but I received a spanking, the first in about a half a year.I remember it was a summer day because we both had swim suits on. I never struggled any more but just resigned myself to it, even going to my room and taking off my shorts myself, leaving me completely naked. I had a boner even before I laid across her bare legs. It took a lot more for her spankings to hurt (She spanked till I cried) and for the first time I noticed my hard boner rubbing her bare thigh more than the spanking. Between her holding me down with her left arm and spanking me with her right I was rubbing back and forth and I felt a bit of excitement building up there. I soon didn't even notice the spanking at all but was in some other world when I suddenly felt something coming through my penis and shooting out in several quick but powerful bursts. Nanny stopped and picked me up and we saw a gooey white stuff running down her other thigh. I started to apologize even though I had no idea what it was or what happened. I thought I was ill or something. She told me to get some tissues off my night stand and she wiped herself clean and told me stand in my corner. I stood there for about a half hour wondering what happened but knowing it felt good, even though my bottom was a little sore. I got dressed and found her and apologized for being bad. I asked if I was sick or something but she just replied I was perfectly normal.

The next week I was trying to get into trouble just to get a spanking from her but she always thought of more appropriate punishments. I think it was a Friday or Saturday morning when I shoved her and she had enough. She was ready for me though and after I waited for her in my room, bare again, she came in with a hard paddle. This time it hurt bad from the start but before she got ten whacks in I shot another load on her leg. She made me stand up and she held tissues on the end of my penis while she finished. She told me that was the end of spankings on her lap.

The next bath she started to tell me about what happened and she understood that boys need to relieve themselves sometimes. She asked if I was trying to get spanked because it felt good there and pointed to my boner. I confessed that I did. She was a great nanny. I often fantasize about those spankings and baths to this day when I masturbate.



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