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The Most Unlikely Person

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There was a girl called Anna at my college. She was tall and (I thought) very attractive, but she didn't have a boyfriend or any hangers-on. She seemed to keep herself to herself and didn't even have any long-term friends. She seemed to hang out with a few people one month, then change around. Even so, she was good company and highly intelligent too. She and I had found ourselves chatting more and more then this happened.

Anna was not by any stretch of the imagination a "fashion queen". In fact some of her outfits didn't suit her at all but every now and then she would wear a very short, (actually way TOO short) skirt. Now, understand, she did NOT do this to look sexy. Anna just wore it end of story. So this day she had THAT skirt on and I admit, I did everything I could to sit in the right place in the lectures we shared that day. I found that I could see her panties (light purple cotton) with no difficulty at all. Now and then she would move and I got a quick sight of her crotch and the odd wisp of pubic hair. Anna didn't seem to notice at all. As I said, she was a bit of a swot.

Then we had a lecture in the college chapel, and the slightly lower chairs in there gave me the best view yet. After the lecture Anna came back to my room for a coffee. I had just made the drinks and right out of the blue Anna said "So, you've been looking at my panties all day. Do you want to cum on them or just lick me out through them?" BANG, right out of the blue. I got all tongue tied and she tilted her head to one side and smiled a little as she said "What, you think because I don't have boyfriends I don't get horny too?" I mumbled something about really not wanting to spoil our friendship. (I know, dumb huh?)

She said "look Chris, if we fuck, well, we fuck, but let's just see what happens." Anna lay back on the bed and her little skirt rode right up. Those ordinary little purple cotton panties looked like the best thing I had ever seen. Anna let her legs part ever so slightly and I stroked up her leg until I could feel the warmth, (and dampness) of them. Then I was lost in a world of that special feminine scent as I fingered her and licked her clit. I had her panties pulled to one side and there was the faintest hint of pee in the scent too and that just added to it.

Anna started to breathe heavy and then murmured "Oh Chris. Don't stop. You're gonna make me cum in my panties." Suddenly my mouth was filled as she came AND squirted at the same time. It was total heaven. When she came down from it she reached for me and after giving me a wonderful blow job, she started to jack me. As I got close she said "Chris, I want you to cum on my panties. Do it right into the crotch". I told her when I was ready and she pulled her panties to one side and directed my spurts right onto the damp material. We kissed for a while then Anna got up and left. I watched her walking across the quad and knew that she had my sperm in her panties. Neat.

We got together later that evening. Anna and I went for a walk around the college grounds. There we made out again and I fingered her to orgasm standing up against the cricket pavilion. Then, on the understanding that this was just what it was and there was no long term future in it, well.. you can guess what we did.

I would never in a million years had thought Anna could be so inventive sexually or so demanding. Just goes to show... its always the quiet ones.



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