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The Mortgage Adviser

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Never realised that changing your mortgage could also change your life!


I recently read on your site, a story about an insurance interview and it reminded me of an experience that happened to me a couple of years ago.

Firstly, let me set the scene. I am a gay male of average build, not too hairy with a shaved uncut cock of above average size, and also a nudist. I live on my own and am almost always naked at home and was on the day in question.

I had arranged an interview at home with a mortgage adviser I found in the local press as it was time for a mortgage review. However, I had completely forgotten about the appointment until the doorbell rang. As I was naked, I rushed for my robe which I keep handy for such events. I opened the door and there stood a young man of about 30, very tall, tanned, rugged looks and smart in his suit. 'Good morning' he said, gave his name as Pete and explained he was from the mortgage company. 'Have I come at a difficult time' he asked as he glanced at me in my robe. 'No, not at all' I answered as I asked him to come in. I thought that there was no point in trying to make a feeble excuse about being in my robe at three in the afternoon so I decided to bite the bullet. 'I was actually naked' I said, 'I'm a naturist and am usually always naked at home, 'I'd totally forgotten you were coming today.' His reply was even more of a surprise to me, 'that's no problem' he said 'so am I, just got back from holiday with no white bits' he laughed. I laughed too and we settled down to business.

He sat on a chair as he needed a socket for his laptop and I sat on the sofa facing him. As I was still in my robe I tried to sit carefully. Time went on and we were doing well finding a new mortgage. I shifted position on the sofa and lifted a leg up, totally forgetting I was naked under the robe. Pete glanced up and caught full view of my cock and balls under my robe. I apologised profusely but he was fine, I couldn't believe his response. 'Look' he said with a smile, 'if you would find it more comfortable to be naked while we work, it's fine with me'. I couldn't believe my luck. 'Are you sure' I asked 'Sure' he said. 'Ok then' I replied as I stood up, removed my robe and sat down again. It felt quite strange even though I am a long time nudist, but also felt right.

We carried on for a while longer and then paused for a moment while I went into the kitchen to make some coffee for us both. On my return I asked him about his holiday and how long he had been a nudist. He told me since his late teens and that he loves to be naked as often as he can. That is when I had an idea. 'Why don't you join me' I enquired 'it's fine'. Pete looked surprised but then said 'sure, why not'. He took the laptop from off his lap and placed it on the coffee table, then removing his shoes and socks. Pete then stood up and began to undress saying how this would be a first for him, finding a mortgage for a client whilst being in the nude. He removed his jacket and then his shirt and tie revealling a broad tanned hairy chest. Unbuckling his trousers he glanced at me with a kind of playful look in his eye and dropped then to the floor striding out of them revealing two very sturdy long hairy legs and large shaved cock and balls slightly hard, he wasn't wearing any underwear. 'That's better' he said 'freedom' as he sat down again. I had to comment on his all over tan 'Thats a fine tan' I said as I looked him up and down 'and a fine body' That was when I thought I would test the water. 'I bet he turned a few heads on the beach' looking straight at his cock. 'Just a few' he laughed as we completed the final application for my new mortgage.

We finalised the deal and he closed his laptop, put it back on the table and leaned back on the chair with his hands behind his head giving me a full view of his naked body. I couldn't hold it any longer, my cock began to rise. Pete noticed and his twitched in response. 'That's a nice cock you have too' he said staring right at my now throbbing member. 'Glad you like it' I replied. 'Can I have a closer look' he asked playfully. 'Sure, as long as I can inspect yours at very close range'. 'Deal' he said as he got up out of the chair and crossed the room with his cock swinging hard in front of him. Pete sat beside me on the sofa and cupped one hand round my balls and gently stoked my cock with the other. I reciprocated and within seconds we were jerking each other off. He asked if I had any gay porn dvds, clarifying that he was also gay himself. I got up from the sofa and went over to a drawer with my cock swinging in front of me, found a suitable dvd and put it on. Watching the action whilst sat beside Pete jerking each other off was so horny, sending me over the edge within minutes. He came soon after and thanked me for being a fantastic final client of the day.

He asked if he could have a shower to clean up so I suggested he stay for dinner and the evening. We shared a shower and jacked off again. On our return downstairs, I prepared the meal whilst he watched tv, both of us still naked and we remained naked until he left for home at bedtime. We began to see each other and he moved in about six months later, we both haven't looked back, spending as much time as possible in the nude jerking off and now other things which unfortunately I can't mention on this site.

It just goes to show, if you are having a man round to your house for an appointment, just wear a robe, you never know where it might lead!



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