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The Moment of Truth

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I've been reading this site for a long time now, and never have seen a description of how an orgasm felt. I'll try to describe mine at the height of my masturbation career.


I hope that this description will lead others, both males and females, to describe what they felt at the moment of truth. By the time I got close to an orgasm, I usually had been caressing my penis for about fifteen minutes beginning with stripping naked, and lubing up my already hard penis with baby oil. I'd fantasize about my girl friend's gorgeous tits, while beginning stroking with a light grip so that my closed fist slid from the base of my seven inch hard up to and over the head when I'd close my grip before beginning the down stroke.

Doing this opened the meatus so that it looked like a one eyed serpent winking at me. After about 50 strokes, I began to feel slight contractions in my lower abdomen, and felt my balls begin to churn, and retract. My breathing deepened, I began sweating, my penis was getting reddish, and I knew I must rest for a few minutes if I didn't want to come. My penis head was beginning to tingle, my balls were up tight against the pelvic floor. After the first rest, I'd begin jacking again with a light grip until I began to feel precome oozing out.

Breathing was now deeper, the head was darkening and beginning to look mushroom shaped, the balls were now really tight and churning hard. After another rest, I began again now with a tight grip so that I was pulling the shaft skin along with my hand. On every up stroke, my whole pubic mound and balls were raised, I began to feel sensations like tickling just under the mound, the balls now were spread apart, and I knew I'd soon be feeling uncontrollable spasms which soon arrived. I could synchronize the strokes with the beginning spasms which now became really hard. Stroking doubled, breathing came in gasps, suddenly my balls popped into sockets behind my mound, and I knew that the moment of truth has arrived.

The spasms felt like there was no pause between them, my eyes were bulging, every stroke felt so good that I hoped the world would end before they did. Then the pleasure was so great, it began to hurt. That's when I began to come. It started with a continuous flow of thin colorless fluid, and as the spasms increased, the ropes of thick milky come began. There were usually three ropes followed by oozing while my stroking continued at an ever lessening rate until I couldn't stand any more. Then I slumped back on my pillow, and began to realize that my bed was covered in precome, come, and sweat. My penis and entire pelvic floor kept tingling and slowly spasming from my anus to the tip of my penis head. Finally about 15 minutes after I began, I was calm enough to begin a return to the real world. Please comment, and post your own sensations at the moment of truth.



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