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The Moment Her Eyes Looked Down

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This happened Spring 2010


This happened my Junior year of University. I guess I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist. Nothing too extreme but one thing I have always enjoyed is the moment I was about to sleep with a girl for the first time-when she or I would lower my pants I would always look at their eyes and expression. At that very moment, the way their expression exudes their inner thoughts: 'This is the penis that I will be enjoying inside of me shortly.'

One afternoon I was walking around town and had that angst for human affection. The girls I would fool around with were all in class and here I was miles away from home walking around town enjoying the sunshine. Then I came across a Spa. I'd heard of this place and decided, what the hell let's see what it's about. I paid the 15 dollars at the counter and the lady said, 'This is a clothing optional spa but you can keep your trousers on if you are so inclined.' She gave me the tour, showed me the locker rooms and voraciously I undressed, put a towel over my torso and walked out.

I was surrounded by maybe 15 other people, about two thirds men and a third women-all nude. I laid out my towel and laid in the grass enjoying the sun reading a new book I had bought downtown. People were lounging in hot tubs and before entering one myself I decided to head over to the sauna. When I walked in there was only one woman in there with magnificent full D cup breasts. She must have been in her early 40's but her breasts were wonderfully perky like that of a teenager. What a lucky husband she must have I thought.

After 20 minutes or so I got up and headed for the door. I heard her get up behind me so I held the door for her. Then we both walked over to the area where you wash off all the sweat in an adjacent open shower. 'After you I said.' 'Oh, please I'm in no rush. Go for it.' I showered and she stood there waiting, chatting with me about how lucky we were to have such a facility in the city. I got slightly aroused looking at her breasts but not even half mast, just the lovely inner vibration that comes with sexual arousal. I tried my best not to be obvious with my glimpses of her breasts and she did the same. Eye contact the whole time from her and I did the same.

When I was outside I went to this little open meadow they had and laid down, face down on my towel reading. She came and sat a meter away from me reading her own literature she brought with her. The book was up to her face as she sat and I had the perfect view of her breasts; marvellous as they were. Then she lowered her book, looked at me and smiled. I looked over and reciprocated the sentiment. We chatted a bit (myself still laying on my belly) and once in a while I would look down at her breasts, completely obvious to her and she would smile everytime I'd look back up to her eyes.

Then I stood up, still chatting with her, and began drying myself of sweat. Here she was, at face level with my privates. Quickly my exhibitionist motives kicked in and I decided I'd allow myself to get hard before her eyes. We continued chatting, me taking my time to dry off and slowly my penis got harder and harder. Raising up slowly and slowly. Then, AHA! She finally gave it a look. She looked back up, smiled and continued chatting. 'So do you come here often I said?' Playing off my arousal. 'Maybe once every two weeks.' Down she looked at my now fully hard cock. This continued for about three minutes, chatting as I had a VERY hard cock pointing straight at her. Near the end she'd answer me while looking straight at it and I'd retort looking at her breasts. Erotic to say the least. We both enjoyed the attention. I then covered, excused myself, and hastily went to the restroom to releave my predicament. I showered again, dressed and went back on my walk across town. I thanked everything that is holy for manifesting such a pleasant encounter.



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