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The Meeting

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This story is fictional.

13-year old Cole has been born and raised in the Amazon rainforest, and after the death of mother, he encounters a native girl...


Cole opened his eyes. The sun was shining, but it was diluted by the foliage. He sat up, looking around. Adjusting, he saw a figure on fallen trunk. The trunk was suspended by a couple of tress. Curious, he went foward and climbed one of them.

Once he had finally climbed up, Cole sat on the trunk opposite the girl. He saw that the girl was rubbing herself forward and backward on the trunk. She showed signs of pleasure. She was fully naked, just like himself. He stared for some time. She looked at him. She said something in a strange language. Cole could tell it was a greeting.


He replied back. The girl stared downwards at his crotch. She giggled. Cole looked down, his penis had gone hard and erect. Embarrassed, he took hold of it.

'Oh, uh, sorry.'

The girl giggled responded back in that same strange language. Cole was confused.



The girl replied. Cole was surprised at this.

'You, you speak english.'

'A little.'


Cole was very slightly moving his hand up and down his penis.

'Go ahead.'


'Keep on doing it.'

'Doing what?'

She pointed at the erect penis.

'Oh, really?'

'Yes, we do it together.'

Cole was very surprised at this. He was about to ask something but the girl already thrusting forward and backward the same way she was earlier.

'O...K, then,'

He started thrusting his penis faster.

Cole and the girl sat there on the tree, she rubbing on the tree, and he thrusting his fist up and down. Gasps came from the girl. The gasps intensified, finally reaching a climatic orgasm. After she finished, she lay down on the branch, staring at Cole. After staring for a while, she giggled since he was taking so long. She spoke jokingly in her strange language. A short while later, Cole reached orgasm as well. He closed his eyes tightly, and then suddenly, semen shot out of the penis towards the girl, who jumped and gave out a scream of shock.

Her scream distracted Cole from the orgasm. He looked at her, scrunched up in seemingly horror, and a trail of the stuff coming towards her from him. Cole started giggling, the girl started laughing too. Cole leaned to the left and fell to the forest floor. The girl jumped down to him. He was not hurt, in fact, he was still laughing. They both started laughing, and they started to chase each other.



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