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The Massage

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This is my second story my first was in June, On the Train, and this is sort of a follow up to it.


Hi I am Julie, I was a young Navy wife and my husband and I were stationed in Japan. He was on a ship home ported there and we live out in town. Read my first story for more back ground.

My husband was away at sea a good deal of the time and I had months of being alone and I did a lot of fantasizing and masturbating while he was gone. I had been fantasizing about girls and women since I was a teen but never had the nerve to make my fantasizes come true. One night while my husband was home we watch a porn movie together and he could tell that the girl girl scenes really got me hot. He asked me if I had ever wanted to be with a girl and I told him that I had fantasized about it.

Well about a few weeks later my husband tells me that on his ships next cruise they would be stopping in Thailand for a week and he thought it would be great if I flew down and met the ship and he would take leave while the ship was in. I loved the idea and he put in for leave then and he got it.

So 6 weeks later we are in Thailand and it was so much fun and exciting. We made love every morning and then went sightseeing during the day and then to the clubs every night and then back to the hotel for more love making. It was my favorite vacation so far.

On the fifth day, the day before my husband had to report back on board and the ship was leaving for Hong Kong and my flight was the next day after that. We decide to just relax and go shopping.

We spent the morning in bed and than went out for lunch. After lunch my husband tells me he has a surprise for me and takes me down the street into a building I thought was a hotel but was a spa. He told me to sit down while he went to the counter. Across from where I was sitting was a window looking into a room where 15 beautiful Thai girls with numbers sat.

My husband comes back to me with a smile on his face and tells me that I am here for a massage and for me to pick the girl I wanted to give the massage. I was excited right away as I looked the girls over. It was hard to decide but I picked number 8. And she was so beautiful.

When I met her I learnt she spoke some english and that her name was Mon and she was 18. I was 24 at the time.

My husband kissed me and told me to enjoy myself and that he would be in the bar across the street waiting for me. Mon took my hand and asked me to follow her upstairs. My heart was pounding with excitment following Mon, she was so beautiful and she was going to give me a massage!

She took me into a room that was very nice and different from any room I had ever been in. It had when you entered the door a round bed in the corner with mirrors on two sides. This part of the floor was carpet, but then you stepped down on to a tile floor where there was a bath tub and I saw an air mattress leaning againist the wall. Mon went over and started the bath water then came back to where I was standing and she knelt down in front of me and took my sandles off and then she unzipped my shorts and pulled them down along with my panties! I was shaking! She then stood up and pulled my shirt up over my head and reached around me to unhook my bra.

She then led me over to the tub and helped me in and smiled at me and told me to relax. She was wearing a white dress like nurses use to wear. She unzipped the front zipper and removed her dress. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts were so sexy firm and erect. She removed her panties I saw that she had very thick and straight black pubic hair that was as beautiful as the hair on her head. I was so wet and it was not the bathwater causing it!

She then got into the tub with me and asked me to stand up with her help and started washing me all over using her soft hands and a sweet aroma soap. I was in a dream. She then helped me to sit down and again and told me to relax which I knew I would not be able to do. While I watched her she got out of the tub and took down the air mattress and placed on the floor and then took a bucket and the soap and started mixing up a thick lather and covering the mattress with it.

She then took my hand and helped me lay down on the mattress. She then covered my body and hers with suds and layed down on top of me and started running and rubbing her body over mine!

I felt her hard nipples againist mine and all over my front, she moved back and forth and I was in a state of bliss, I could not believe what this beautiful girl was doing to me! When she slid between my legs I humped up to meet her and had my my first big 'O'! She then turned around and slid back and forth on me and brought her thick bush right up to my face and I tried to touch her with my tongue but she slipped back down along my body. She then turned me over and again slipped her body all over me. When she turned around again and she held my ankles and move back and forth over my butt I could feel her pubic hair on my anus and I came again while she road my butt with her over and over again.

It all felt so good and I felt weak and before I knew it she was helping me up and back into the tub with her were she rinsed us both off and then she softly toweled me dry. She then led me over to the bed and layed next to me and she started sucking my breasts while her hand went between my legs and she started to bring me off again. I put my hand between her legs and felt my first pussy other than mine, Oh Oh Oh. I was cumming again as I fingered her but then there was a knock on the door and she told me it was time and she got up and put her clothes on and then she dressed me omg, I could not believe what I had just experienced!

She lead me back downstairs, kissed me goodbye and I floated across the street into the bar and into my husbands arms, he had the biggest smile I think I ever saw him with. I am so lucky to have him in my life. And I repaid him many times for making my fantasizes come true by making his come true too but that's another story. Sorry it was so long but by sharing with you I relive it and I had to stop more than once to calm down again.

Love to hear your comments.



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