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The Masked Jacker - Part 4

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This continues on from my previous stories.


This story covers the last experience I had with the girl from England over the net. To remind people, I'm bi-sexual and on this occasion I was interested in this girl.

On this particular occasion, this girl was doing some course work while she was chatting to me, and I was working as well. We both had our cams on so we could watch each other work while we chatted (how exciting!) After a while she said she was having a break so I decided to take one too.

She said she was eating biscuits, so we chatted about that for a while. Not long after she mentioned that I was looking good today and that she has the house to herself... I could see where she was going so I said to her 'wonder what you'll be doing.' She replied 'not while I'm on webcam to you P' and I reminded her that I had masturbated while I was on cam with her before. She said that maybe if I was lucky she would do it on cam.

We chatted while she finished her cup of tea. She said that it was a stimulant for her and helped her get in the mood. We chatted a little about the weather in our respective countries until she finally said 'you're just sitting there waiting aren't you' and I said of course.

She got herself ready to do it on cam. She decided that like me, she would only focus the cam on her face so I couldn't see what was going on downstairs. She said to me 'it's not helpful when I'm wearing trousers' so I told her to take them off. She stood up a little and stripped them off, then showed them to me on the camera. 'Happy?' she asked. By this point I was seriously straining to keep my dick in my pants, which I still had on. I said to her 'I'll take mine off too if you want.' she told me to go ahead, so I pulled them off with a little resistance from my straining penis. I showed them to her. My boxers were starting to get a little wet where my dick was tenting them, so I pulled it out through the opening (off-cam.)

I asked her to take off her shirt as well. She teased me a little by saying things like 'should I?' and I told her it's all just innocent fun. She stripped off her top as I slowly stroked myself out of camera range. I don't think she could see me doing it, either that or she was too busy enjoying herself to notice. She told me it feels a little weird doing it while I was watching, so I offered to join in. She said to go ahead. So I stripped off my shirt much to her delight, squirted some lube into my hand and started stroking myself. Here we both were, our arms moving so slightly in the field of view as we pleasured ourselves watching each other.

She orgasmed before I did, but it was hard to tell on cam, she just sorta closed her eyes as she came. I didn't actually notice at first until she asked me if it was feeling good (I was still going for broke.) I said it was feeling great and she told me she was done. I told her I was nearly there, as I was beginning to get the nice feeling you get when your orgasm is building up. She told me to go for it and watched as I orgasmed again on cam, head thrown back, enjoying each spurt of cum that flew out onto the desk in front of me, the rest dribbled out onto my hand.

I cleaned myself up while I was still on cam and told her I was done. 'that was fun' I said to her, and she said 'did I satisfy your kinky hunger?' to which I replied that she sure did!

That's the last time we've masturbated together on camera to each other. We chatted again last night and she suggested I have a wank on cam for her, but I declined as I wasn't feeling up to it. If anything happens again in future with her, I'll be sure to post it up here. I have some other stories to follow this about the guy who was in my first story. They'll follow shortly.

Thanks for reading, and keep wanking!



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