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The Masked Jacker - Part 3

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This is another story of my Internet encounters with a girl from England.


This story continues on the experiences I had with the girl from England over the net.

Since the first time we masturbated to each other over the net we've engaged in more of these activities. A few days after that first time she was much more sexually open about her masturbation, and also seemed to have dropped the concerns she had about asking for my masturbation details.

We masturbated to each other over the net again a couple more times, it usually started with her saying she was horny, and telling me about what she was doing. Then I'd get horny, pull my shorts down and start going at it too. She always orgasmed before me though and she'd go offline as soon as she finished, so my orgasm would be on my lonesome, but still very pleasureable!

A month or so later though, I purchased my webcam and started chatting to her over that. Surprisingly nothing sexual happened with the cam for at least another couple of months. She was rather busy around this time, and we both probably had issues about doing anything over a webcam (Neither of us had done anything on cam before.)

However, one Tuesday afternoon she'd come online to do her homework, so we turned on our cams and started chatting. It was summer here so I asked her if I could take my shirt off to cool down (honestly I had no other ideas in the back of my mind at that point, I'd been shirtless on cam to other people at that time and since dropped the inhibitions.) She said she didn't mind, so I stripped off my shirt. She commented that I looked pretty good (I'd been doing weights around that time and bulked up a little since she last saw my picture topless.)

After about an hour of chatting the discussion once again became sexual and I started getting quite horny. She was working while she was talking to me and didn't seem like she wanted to stop to have some fun. Eventually as it got later, I'd been horny for some time (we'd been chatting on cam for about five hours by then) and a TV show I wanted to watch was coming on in about ten minutes, so I told her I needed to be going soon, but I had a bit of a problem I had to take care of first.

She said 'ok, wanna turn the cammy off?' and I said to her 'up to you.' She replied 'well it's not like I can see anyway..' and she told me it was up to me if I wanted to turn it off. (I think she wanted to see me jerk myself off on cam after all.) In the end I kept my cam on, but focused on my face and upper body (so she couldn't see my dick or what I'd be doing down there.) I told her it wouldn't take me long and she laughed a little. I grabbed my lube, pulled down my pants and smeared it on my dick. She saw me grab my lube and said to me 'All I need is my finger.' I gave a quick smile to the cam and started masturbating. It was really erotic knowing that this girl was watching me jerk off on cam, even though all she could see was my arm moving a little and my facial expressions. She still had her cam on so I could see her glancing at me as she did her work. I think she was trying not to seem TOO interested, but also didn't want to miss seeing me finish. It only took me a couple of minutes as I was really horny at this point, and having her watching me sent me over the edge quickly. As I came it was so much more powerful than anything I'd felt before, and instead of just dribbling out my cum shot into the air a little and out onto the carpet. In the meantime this girl is watching me with my head back in the throes of pleasure as I had my powerful orgasm. She was smiling and typed to me 'ya finished?'

Once I'd cleaned up the mess I'd made on the carpet I told her I had and said I'd cummed on the carpet, and she said to me 'oh well.....I'm sure the carpet enjoyed it.'

We chatted a little after that, I thanked her for watching and then I disappeared to watch my TV show. I masturbated again later on over the experience. I liked to think that she masturbated to what she saw later on when she went to bed (and I later found out that's exactly what she did.)

I have another story involving this girl that I'll post up in a week or two. This time she joined in with me on her cam. Until next time, Happy Jacking/Jilling everyone!



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