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The Masked Jacker - Part 2

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This is a story of my Internet encounters with a girl from England.


My last story was about recent events between myself and another guy over the internet. This story focuses on a girl I had known over the internet for a while from England.

Another internet contact of mine had introduced her to me. She's a very friendly girl, and she has a boyfriend (she's gone through a couple of boyfriends since I've known her.) Normally I wouldn't get involved with someone who had a partner, but since she lived on another continent and didn't consider anything over the net as cheating, I didn't mind.

We'd chat normally over the net, sometimes her boyfriend would come up as the topic, and each time the talk would become more sexual. I'd ask her what they'd done, and ask for more details each time (which she would rarely give up anyway.) However she seemed fairly free in sharing her masturbation habits with me. She would tell me when she was feeling horny (she had a codeword for it, but I can't type it here.)

I'd ask her things like how she masturbated. She likes to use her mobile phones vibrate feature to help get herself off. Sometimes she said she did it in the bath. But mainly she would take care of herself at night in bed.

She never really asked me detailed questions about how I masturbated. I guess it was more of a turn-on for her to tell about her private experiences, but delving into mine would probably be going too far.

On one occasion we were discussing photography (this was before I had purchased a webcam.) I said I had taken some pictures of myself recently without a shirt on, so she requested them. I sent them to her and she mentioned that I was pretty good looking and the pictures were getting her horny. She asked if I'd send her some pictures of myself in just my boxers, so I set up my digital camera to snap some timed photos and sent them to her. I had a semi-hard-on in the pictures and my boxers are kind of tight already, so you could see it straining against the material.

I guess those pictures did it for her, because she told me that she was masturbating at that moment and how turned on she was. I told her I was making a tent in my boxers over the thought of that and she suggested we play a sort of game of asking each other questions in turn. The questions were mainly about fantasies to begin with, but they quickly turned into 'what are you doing right now?' questions. She told me she had her fingers busy downstairs working away and how much pleasure it was giving her, and I told her that the tent in my boxers was straining and I was starting to soak a patch with pre-cum. She suggested I remove the boxers, so I slipped them down over my dick and kicked them off. I put my legs up on my bed, which was next to my computer desk and chair, and started pumping myself (I'm circumsised and normally need a lubricant, but I was turned on enough to do it dry this time.) She sort of fell silent for a while as we both manipulated ourselves and brought the amazing feeling of self-gratification to our bodies.

After a few minutes she must have had her orgasm, as she said to me 'I have to go now' out of the blue. I asked her if she'd finished and she said 'Yeah.' So I told her I still needed to finish and she said 'go on then.' So I pumped myself fast, building up those pleasureable feelings with just the aide of my fingers and within 10 seconds I came all over my stomach and hand, quietly groaning to myself as I did. I just sat there for about a minute in bliss at the pleasure I had brought myself. This was the first time I had ever masturbated to orgasm with someone over the net, even though it was without a cam. There was something extra exciting (and addicting) about it, and my lust for it grew from there. Once I had cleaned myself up I told her I had finished off and we said goodbye.

I have other stories with this girl from England. We had some other good times which I'll post up in my next submission. I hope you enjoyed this one, and I hope it encourages more of you to try this safe and fun method of mutual-masturbation.



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