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The Manhattan Experience

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Jacking keeps the world moving-keep up the good work people!


Not too long ago, I took a trip to New York. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I would love to return there one day.

Having been an avid reader of Solo Touch for a while now, I noticed the many stories involving in-direct public masturbation-namely, people jacking off and being seen from afar. A few stories involved people relieving themselves in their hotels in the middle of big cities, getting thrills from the proximity of local buildings that could/are bustling with activity, hoping that someone may just catch them in the act, and enjoy someones personal time.

With my trip coming up, I got quite excited at the prospect of having this opportunity, and could barely wait until I got my chance!

I made sure to wank the night before leaving for the airport, so that I knew I wouldn't get any unwanted erections on the plane (who wouldn't want to join the solo mile high club!) and I wouldn't have to worry about jerking myself off for a day or two.

We landed in NYC and was taken to our hotel in Manhattan. Everything was in walking distance, and it was such a hive of activity that I'd never experienced before.

I was sharing a room with three other people, all women, leaving no opportunities for a circle jerk, or even a solo.

Two days into the trip, I was ready to bust a nut. That feeling you get where your balls almost ache and your dick throbs at every touch had me thinking about jacking off constantly. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for the chance to jerk my tube.

My other room mates were all out, shopping or something, I don't remember, and having come back to the hotel early, I was alone in the room.

I was needing to shower anyway so I could freshen up for the night ahead, but even being alone in the room was too much for my cock, which started to grow immediately in my boxers.

I checked the door was shut, and that no one was around, and shut the bathroom door behind me.

The bathroom was quite small, enough room to change and get around but nothing special. The view out of the window was pretty amazing though, and I was already imagining myself in the shower.

To the left of the window, was another block of buildings, residential/hotel I'm not sure, directly in front was an office block, that although maybe 250 metres away, I had a clear view of all the offices and they must have done of me. With it being a weekend, there probably wasn't anybody in work, but the thrill was enough to get me going.

I stripped off my clothes one by one, checking myself out in the mirrored wall in front of me. I'm an average guy, not bad looking, but no swimwear model. Average height, dark hair, muscley but not defined build, and a tiny bit of extra baggage to love around the middle, but all in all, a handsome looking guy.

I'm a bit hairy, but stylishly so, not like a bear or anything, but I shave my balls and the bit between my ass and balls. I leave a bit of a bush on top, something to tug on from time to time.

Checking myself out in the mirror made my boner stand out even more. It's again, like the rest of me, fairly average, around the six inch mark, and nothing like all these younger guys with eight inch dicks before they've even had a ball drop.

I climbed into the shower and turned it on to warm, soaking my body, giving me a bit of time to turn back if anybody was to return to the hotel room. I had to stop a few times, more out of fear than actually hearing something, before thinking better of it and getting on with my session.

I opened the large sash window a little, and took a look out to see if anyone was in any of the windows near mine. I saw nothing, so cautiously threw the window completely open. The office block over the way would have a clear view of my cock. Excellent!

All the excitement getting to me, I knew I wouldn't last long. I stroked on my dick, pulling back the foreskin and letting the warm water run all over it. I turned the shower down to cold to increase the pleasure, along with the cool breeze coming in through the window making every hair stand on end on my wet body.

I tried to imagine the view from the office block if someone were to look out; a guy in the shower pulling on his meat, enjoying every minute of his private show.

I tugged on my wet balls and felt the smooth skin in between my legs. I cast an eye every now and again out of the window, but eventually got on with the job.

I tweaked my nipples with one hand whilst pulling on my cock hard and slow.

My hand moved all over my body, running it through my hairy bush above my uncut member, slowly moving it down and around my tight ball sack, before moving it round back, down my ass crack, and slowly massaging my hole. I pushed the tip of a finger in, and gave it a little spin, before pulling it back out and moving it back to my balls.

It felt like a long time, but can't have been more than 5 minutes. My cock was starting to get that throbbing feeling, my mind was wandering to thoughts of the show I was putting on, hoping someone else was pulling their meat or fingering their hole too. Back and forth my hand went until I reached that moment where your mind focuses solely on your balls and the base of your penis. That feeling where you're about to pee but know it's something so much better.

I could feel it moving from my balls, the bottom of my penis, travelling up my throbbing member, jerking it harder and harder, throwing my hips back and forth, groaning to myself, when my penis tip closed up and.....BOOM! The tip of my penis felt like it exploded, and I physically felt my penis tip open up, cum rushing out like a bullet, releasing it all over the bathroom wall and into the puddle of water at my feet. The orgasm, mixed with the excitement of my potential audience, and chilling breeze from outside, was intensified tenfold. Four ropes of cum and a couple of dribbles out of my penis and I was spent. Man that felt good!

After rubbing my cock a bit more, until it was soft, I became very aware of myself, and closed the window. Curtains down on that show. I showered and cleaned up, and none of my hotel mates were any the wiser!

I repeated the experience again the next day, but nothing could beat the first time I let my inhibitions go and put on a show for all to see.

I look forward to repeating my experience again, and plan on wanking on my future travels, even thinking about it months before I even travel to my new destination! Writing this has even got me going, and I can feel my boxers restraining me right now. Time to go jerk it I think!

Happy wanking people!



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